iVirusScan 1.0b02

iVirusScan I put off checking out the update for this app however, there are a few fixes with version 1.0b02 of iVirusScan as well as a few new features and options. One new feature includes Quarantine Statistics. I do not have any files in quarantine so, I can’t tell you much about the feature (and I have yet to see a reason for this app but, that is my own personal opinion and I will do my best to not let it affect my review of this app!). Another new options, which I think was needed, [Read more…]

iVirusScan 1.0a08

iVirusScan iVirusScan is an app created by McAfee (though leaked to the public) to scan for viruses on your iPhone. When you open the app, you will get a splash screen letting you know that this is a beta version of the app. From here you will be brought to the main info screen. There is information about the Version of the app, the DB Version, Last Update date/time, Logs, OAS Statistics and more info about the app. Inside the Logs options you will see two logs, OAS Logs and Application Logs. Inside each log you get the log history, you can select an entry to get even more specific information about that entry. The same goes for the Application Logs. The OAS Statistics option gives you the following information; [Read more…]

iVirusScan from McAfee is real!

iVirusScanAccording to tuaw.com, they recieved info about the McAfee Virus Program being true. The director of worldwide PR for McAfee says:

The application you blogged about is indeed a genuine McAfee project. We are always working on new platforms including the popular ones. In this particular case we were running a test to validate some recently developed technology. We happen to be first to test AV technology for iPhone. We’re happy that iPhone users are already getting excited about it, as evidenced by your blog and the thousands of people who are trying out the application. Still, we are not ready to announce a new product, our development work is in the early stages.

We hope you can understand why we were so concerned about this in the beginning. I still stand by my previous statement: [Read more…]