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iWantiWant is an application that allows you to look up venues that are near your current location. When you open the application, it will locate your current location. You will then get a screen with 12 icons. There is also a Settings icon and Map icon on the lower part of the screen. The Map option will show the results on a map instead of in a list. In the Setting, you have the option to adjust the search radius from less than a mile to five miles, the ability to sort your search by Rating (based on a five star rating) or Distance and the ability to change the Restaurant filter so that it only searches for a certain type of restaurant near you instead of all restaurants. Once you have all the Settings the way you would like them, select the Done option in the lower left corner.

Now all you have to do is select one of the icons and it will bring up a list of those venues that are with-in 5 miles (that is the distance I chose in the Settings) of your current location. Following is a list of what each icon represents from left to right; [Read more…]