SMSD Update 0.2.1

SMSD There is an update to SMSD in the through the Ste Packaging source. The update to version 0.2.1 is mostly behind the scenes…it adds a few new languages and fixes some bugs. The only visual change that you will notice is that when you tap on Delete All…you now get a pop up that gives you the option to Delete or Cancel…a good addition! I have a tendency to accidentally tap buttons…confirmations are good! Here are the screenshots:

SMSD Update 0.2.1 SMSD Update 0.2.1

Network App – SMSD 0.20

SMSD SMSD is available in the through the Ste Packaging source. SMSD is a text app that adds a ton of features to texting that the stock SMS does not have.

The app opens to the main screen where you will find your Inbox, Sent, Templates, Conversations and Search. If you tap the More tap in the upper left corner you will also get a few more options that include; Backup to Mail which allows you to back up all of your text messages by sending them in an email, Send Contact which allows you to send contact information, out of your All Contacts folder, via a text, Preferences which gives you the option to turn on/off SMSD Notifier and Cancel. You will also notice an About tab in the upper right corner…this just gives you more info about the app. Ok…lets talk about all the features.
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