WildEyes! 0.14b1-2

WildEyes! There are just a few changes with version 0.14b1-2 of WildEyes!. It is now available in French and the pop-ups have been changed so that they do not pop up but slide up. You will notice that when you select a file, the menu will now slide up from the bottom of the page. I honestly thought it already did that but, maybe that was moleskine! Either way, I like it! WildEyes! is available through the databinge source.

WildEyes! 0.14b1-2 WildEyes! 0.14b1-2

Moleskine 0.38b1

Moleskine The update to moleskine allows the ability to import text files to your notes! Which is super sweet. I have been testing it for a few hours now and I really like it so far. It uses another app called WildEyes! to import the text file. You will need version 0.13b1 of WildEyes! in order to use it to import files to moleskine. Below is a video via the developer on how import the text files from WildEyes! into Moleskine (though, it is very easy!!). Another pieces of advice via the developer is that you should only move one test file at a time. Apparently if you move more than one file at a time [Read more…]