AT&T Sets the Record Straight on Verizon Ads

##ICON_NAME## AT&T recently released a letter to it’s customers addresses the latest Verizon Ads and their misrepresentation of AT&T’s coverage. Below is their letter.
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New iPhone 3GS Commercials

iPhone 3GS Commericals We knew it was only a matter of time before Apple released some iPhone 3GS commercials. Below are two new commercials. The first commercial shows off the new Copy and Paste Feature and the second show off the new Voice Control feature. What is weird is that copy and paste is a 3.0 firmware features and not specific to the iPhone 3GS. What is also weird is that that commercials say, “This is the new iPhone” not “This is the new iPhone 3GS.” And, once again, they have changed the theme song! *tear. I always get a little sad when they change the theme song (they have changed it with each release of a new iPhone…so, three times). The new theme song is “If I Had Eyes” by Jack Johnson. [Read more…]