Draw me – Re-create the Image!

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

DrawMe Draw me is a very creative game in which you are given an image that slowly disappears you then need to redraw the images as closes to the original as possible. To help you in doing so, there are pins that you can stick in the drawing before it disappears to use as markers or references on where to draw.

The game contains five difficulty levels with 20 images within each level. You are only given a certain amount of pins and a certain amount of time in which you can drop the pins into the image. Once you have all the pins in and have selected Draw, the image will slowly fade away. You can then begin drawing the image. Once you are finished drawing the image as closely as you can to the original, you will be “graded” on how well you did. You have to get over 50% in order to pass. And, you have to pass each image in order to unlock the next one! The High Scores option displays your top three scores for each image. [Read more…]