Says 1.0

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Says Says is like the old school game Simon only a lot more 2.0ish. When you open the application you will get the main menu with the options; Start Game, High Scores, Jirbo Avatar and Visit The Start Game option will bring you into the game, High Scores will bring you to your High Score list, Jirbo Avatar will give you information about Jirbo avatars and Visit will open a seperate browser to When you select Start Game, the game will start right away so make sure you are paying attention!

The object of the game is to repeat what the device does by tapping on the animals in the same order as the iPhone does. When the device is playing, the top of the screen will say Watch. When it is your turn to repeat, [Read more…]


Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

jirboicon JirboMatch is a fun little matching game. When you open the application, you will get the main screen. On this screen you will see 30 squares. Behind each square is an animal. The object of the game is to find all 15 matches in the least amount of time and the least amount of mistakes. To flip a card over, just tap on it. To flip another card over, tap it as well. Once you have two cards face up, you will have to tap on another card on the play screen to flip them back over. This is the only thing I wish was different about this application, I wish you could select any card to make them flip back over. That way, if you want to keep one of the cards that is face-up…you can. Right now, you have to choose a card that is face down in order to flip your cards back over. When you get a match, it does a fun little burst of stars and then those cards will stay face-up. In the lower left corner is your score and in the lower right corner is a timer. You gain points by [Read more…]