MobileKaraoke – Coming Soon

MobileKaraoke While checking out the What’s New section of the iSlsk iPhone application, I noticed that he mentions an application that he is working on called MobileKaraoke. It is an application that connects to an online database which then pulls the lyrics of the current song playing on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The is no scheduled release date for the application however, we do know that it will be available through Installer and not the App Store. Below is a list of the apps features.

Key Features:
    • lyrics synchronizing (verses get highlighted as they are sang in the song), as well as support for non-synced lyrics.
    • lyric uploading, allowing everyone to make their own synced lyrics and help the database grow, allowing others to get and enjoy them.
    • get all your music library lyrics on background for later use in offline-mode (so that you don’t have to depend on having any near wi-fi connection)
    • customizable fonts, size and colors