MewSeek 0.4

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

If you remember iSlsk, a P2P client from firmware 1.1.4 and below, you will recognize MewSeek. MewSeek is iSlsk for firmware 2.x. It has basically the same look and the same features as iSlsk. When you open MewSeek, you will get a Terms of Agreement in which you will need to accept before entering into the application. Once in the application, you will notice that the lower menu options have not changed they still include; What’s New which gives you more information about the application, Settings, File Search, Transfers and Downloads.
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iSlsk 0.31

iSlsk Version 0.3.1 of iSlsk fixes a bug a few people were experiencing with version 0.3 of the application. It seems that some people were having a problem with the music freezing while it was importing and therefore never completing the download. I did not have this issue with the previous version so, I cannot tell you for sure that it is fixed. Let me know in the comments if you were experiencing freezing and if the update fixed it for you. You can get iSlsk via the BigBoss source.

iSlsk 0.31

iSlsk 0.3

iSlsk The update to version 0.3 of iSlsk, a file sharing application, adds quite a few changes to the application. Some of the visual changes include an updated icon, a What’s New option on the lower menu bar giving you more information about the application and spinner wheel in the status bar that indicates activity while searching for files. Below is a list of the rest of the changes in version 0.3. You can get iSlsk through the BigBoss source.

Note: Be sure to read all information regarding the use of this application before using.

Version 0.3 Change Log:
    • The long-awaited alphabetical sorting bug fix. No more artist/song/album crazy-letter-jump in your music player, and if you currently have it all messed up, it will be fixed automatically the next time you import a song.
    • Fixed major problems when trying to import a song with no tag information (blank title, artist and/or album)
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iSlsk 0.2b

iSlsk We have had a request to do a review of version 0.2b of iSlsk, a P2P client. We held off on doing a review so that we could test the update. Well, it worked great on my iPhone! I was able to search, download and import files into my iPod. So, here is a quick overview of how to use this application even though we did a review of the previous version.
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iSlsk 0.1b-1

iSlskThis application does not work correctly yet. At first Doug was getting this error “Your firmwareGUID couldn’t be recognized, and therefore, music importing will not be avaiable“. However, he was able to fix this error by creating a folder a var/ folder and setting it’s permissions to 777. He was then able to download and save the songs in the application. However, when he goes to import them into his iPod the app just closes to the SpringBoard. The developer says [Read more…]