MewSeek 0.4

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

If you remember iSlsk, a P2P client from firmware 1.1.4 and below, you will recognize MewSeek. MewSeek is iSlsk for firmware 2.x. It has basically the same look and the same features as iSlsk. When you open MewSeek, you will get a Terms of Agreement in which you will need to accept before entering into the application. Once in the application, you will notice that the lower menu options have not changed they still include; What’s New which gives you more information about the application, Settings, File Search, Transfers and Downloads.

You can sign up for an account in the Settings. If you already had an account for iSlsk…you can use that same username and password. File Search still allows you to search for files and looks exactly that same as it did before. The same goes for the Transfers option…looks and functions the same as before. The only option that is not currently available is the Downloads option. MewSeek does not (at this time) download the files to your stock iPod application on your iPhone or iPod Touch either. However, the files that you download can be played via PwnPlayer. They show up in PwnPlayer’s File System section and play with no problem (at least the ones I tried).

Overall MewSeek works great…I did not have any issues using the application. I also love that it continues to download files in the background when you close the application. When MewSeek is connected, you will get a little MewSeek icon on your Status Bar. To disconnect MewSeek just go into Settings and select the Disconnect button in the upper left corner. Like all P2P clients, be sure to read all information regarding the use of this application before using.

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  1. Hm, is it legal to download music from this?
    Im in class right now, so I cant read the license agreement.

    • It is only legal to download music that you already own or music that is open source (has no copyright). It would be illegal to download any music other than that.

  2. love it…. Works great hopefully in the future it has a built in torrent downloader

  3. torrent downloads to the iPhone oO for videos directly to the iPod Stock App.

  4. Hi,
    I’ ve installed this but after download music it doesnt save music!!

  5. I reboot my iphone and it worked!

  6. I have never been able to transfer files to my phone using an Open SSH clients.. I’m not sure why, but it never recognizes my iPhone 3G.

    Using Mewseek will I be able to for example download Roms to my iPhone?



    • Mewseek is just for music.
      To transter other files download something like IPhonebrowser (search for it on google) which will allow you to copy up files over USB


  8. You should check out “dTunes”. It’s just like “MewSeek” only the PwnPlayer is built into one app instead of having two seperate apps.
    Also, dTunes has a better/faster search engine. The selection is the same though but download speads are much faster on dTunes. And dTunes has the ability to create & brouse album/song folders. You can also delete songs without SSHing. I love iSlsk and still have it on my iPhone 1.1.4 but I use dTunes on my iPhone 3G.

  9. After the first song download, the other downloadsdont show up in pwnplayer file list. Any ideas what I need to do to fix this? It’s a great app. Also can you disable the pwnplayer from being the default player on your lockscreen?

  10. hey guys, I am just trying and trying and I get to finish the download of a song but after that it doesn’t show on the filesystem of pwnplayer, anyone knows why?? I already tried restarting the iphone but no change at all.

  11. in settings on pwnplayer change the file system directory to var/mobile/Media/Downloads and you should see your downloaded contents under the. file system tab.

  12. I downloaded some music but theres a couple of songs that i want to delete from my pwn player how can i do this????

  13. Como obtengo una cuenta en mewseek, o como hago para que pueda conectarse?

  14. It’s an ok place

  15. This program gave me back slot of money wasted.