PwnPlayer 0.1b5

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

PwnPlayer PwnPlayer is an application that is aimed to be a replacement for your stock iPod app on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It has most of the basic features of the iPod with a few extra (and very nice) features. When you open PwnPlayer, you will notice a lower menu bar with the options; Featured, Playlists, Library, File System and Search. The Featured option gives you more information about the application. The Playlist option allows you to create multiple playlists…similar to the stock iPod application. Library allows you look through your music by Artist, Songs and/or Albums. File System is a very cool option that allows you to play files from via your file system. Another nice feature is the Search option. In Search, you are able to search for keywords in Songs, Artists, Albums, Files or All.

On the Featured page you will also notice a Settings button in the upper left corner. In the Settings you are able to select an audio type, see the directories the file system is pulling from on your iPhone (and edit the directories) and you also have the ability to turn on/off lock screen gesture controls and your Home Button double-tap controls. If you turn on the lock screen gesture controls, you are able to control PwnPlayer from your lock screen. All you have to do is tap and hold on your lock screen and the controls will appear.

This application does warn that it is not completely stable yet however, it did pretty well for me. It only crashed once or twice the entire time I was testing it. Overall, I like the application it does the basics of the stock media player and adds a few really nice features. Let me know in the comments what you think of the app.

You can check out the forum for this application HERE.

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  1. iphonejunky says

    i like it i havent had it crash yet

  2. I can never get the lockscreen controls to work. I have all widgets turned off and I disabled intelliscreen but they never work. the home button thing works but not the lockscreen. any help?

    • I fixed it by un checking everything in winterboard and adding it back one by one until I found out what was causing it.

    • so… what was it?

    • rawr. well I always heard it was the widgets that messed it up so I disabled those first but then I realized some themes automatically add them. After disabling the theme I was using it worked so I just can’t use that one theme. I think the theme was GeeTheme(iPod) it added a little box that said iPod Touch on the lockscreen which was the problem.

  3. Can’t find it on Cydia anywhere

  4. How do you get the double-tap home button controls to work?

  5. I didn’t like how it didn’t transfer my playlists over. Also, when I tried to play something from the lock screen, the play icon appeared by the battery indicator, but nothing would play. I had to unlock the phone, open the player and choose a song before the lock screen controls would work.

  6. Everytime i try to install the app, i get an error that says “Source Error Undetermined Error”….anyone know why or have any suggestions on what to do so i can install the app?

  7. Does the File System support remote access to files on a local PC?

  8. when i downloaded music from the mewseek to my pwn player theres a couple of songs i want to delete how can i do this?

  9. so everyone is having problems deleteing songs from this thing, but i want to delete the PwnPlayer App all together any ideas anyone??


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