PwnPlayer 0.1b5

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

PwnPlayer PwnPlayer is an application that is aimed to be a replacement for your stock iPod app on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It has most of the basic features of the iPod with a few extra (and very nice) features. When you open PwnPlayer, you will notice a lower menu bar with the options; Featured, Playlists, Library, File System and Search. The Featured option gives you more information about the application. The Playlist option allows you to create multiple playlists…similar to the stock iPod application. Library allows you look through your music by Artist, Songs and/or Albums. File System is a very cool option that allows you to play files from via your file system. Another nice feature is the Search option. In Search, you are able to search for keywords in Songs, Artists, Albums, Files or All.
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