iSlsk 0.3

iSlsk The update to version 0.3 of iSlsk, a file sharing application, adds quite a few changes to the application. Some of the visual changes include an updated icon, a What’s New option on the lower menu bar giving you more information about the application and spinner wheel in the status bar that indicates activity while searching for files. Below is a list of the rest of the changes in version 0.3. You can get iSlsk through the BigBoss source.

Note: Be sure to read all information regarding the use of this application before using.

Version 0.3 Change Log:
    • The long-awaited alphabetical sorting bug fix. No more artist/song/album crazy-letter-jump in your music player, and if you currently have it all messed up, it will be fixed automatically the next time you import a song.
    • Fixed major problems when trying to import a song with no tag information (blank title, artist and/or album)

    • Automatic backup/restore of your music database -just in case iSlsk import doesn’t work as expected (no, your music files doesn’t get copied twice, only the database file)
    • “Already donated” button, to enable anyone who donated to get rid of of that annoying message :)
    • Automatic update message alert to tell the user when a new version is available
    • Improved thread synchronization for better stability. In other words, much less random crashes!
    • Other minor bugfixes

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  1. well, i installed it, downloaded a song, imported it, durring importing it crashed and now when i open music player, it tells me i have no music or videos, but all music is still there because its taking up space. HMMMMMMMM >:(

    • Huh, that is weird…I was able to download a song and import it to iTunes with no problem – which was done within the legal limits of this application! :)

  2. iSlsk 0.3 has a major issue…When i try to import a song it keeps telling me to wait and nothing happens, i have to quit the software then i see that the song has been moved to a folder inside the Download one named :Imported, bun the song doesn’t exist in the iPod musc player playlist…:( sad cause it’s a great application and i would miss having the import feature fully functional…Please try to fix this bug

  3. another issue i’ve noticed in the newly released version 0.3.1 is that if no album title is present then it gives you an error when you try to import that song…fix this plz