Sunstorm Interactive Launches Real Deer Hunting

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

##ICON_NAME## Today Sunstorm Interactive, the developer of the original PC Deer Hunter game, announced the release of Real Deer Hunting. Real Dear Hunting is a realistic hunting game that “boasts realistic deer behaviors, outstanding graphics, and the most immersive hunting experience available.” You can pick the game up for $0.99 the App Store (this is a limited-time, half-price launch sale).

“Real Deer Hunting tests players’ skill, patience, and persistence as they find themselves in realistic locations, using all the tools of the trade to bring in and bag that elusive monster buck. Playing the game is an incredible experience that closely simulates real-life hunting where you’ll need the same techniques and feel the same thrills as on opening day of deer season! Unmatched graphics and sounds, realistic deer behavior, rain and snow effects, use of rattling antlers or a buck grunt call will satisfy even the most diehard hunter.”

Real Deer Hunting
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