SpringDial 0.998b

springdial This app is really sweet! SpringDial allows you to add a photo speed dial to your SpringBoard. When you open the app you will get a list of all your contacts. If you have more than one number for a contact it will list each number separately for that contact…just tap on the contact (and their number) you would like to add to your SpringBoard. You will get a little pop-up giving you a warning about the 80 app limit (read it carefully) and then you will get a pop-up where you can enter what you would like the contact titled as on your SpringBoard and one more pop-up asking if it is ok to create the speed dial. After you have entered all the information and have tapped OK…you will be brought back to your contact list. From here you can either add another speed dial or you can check out some of the other options like Feedback and Spring Mode. You can also delete previously created speed dials by selecting Delete in the upper right corner. Once you have all your speed dials entered you can close the app by tapping the Home button, your SpringBoard will restart and you will see your new speed dials on your SpringBoard! If your contacts do not have a picture set for them…it will just use the SpringDial icon for that contact. To call the contact…just tap on their pic! This app is super easy to use and works perfectly for me on 1.1.1 and on a 1.1.4. SpringDial is available through the Ste Packaging source. Below are the screenshots.

SpringDial 0.998b SpringDial 0.998b SpringDial 0.998b SpringDial 0.998b SpringDial 0.998b SpringDial 0.998b SpringDial 0.998b SpringDial 0.998b SpringDial 0.998b SpringDial 0.998b

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  1. Looks like a cool app….i will install later and try it out =]
    brooke quick question…..where in the world can i find some colored service bars??! lol…i see u got the hot pink one…i assume you used customize to change it, i have added almost all the packages available thru installer for customize and none add additional service bars options to add in customize, i also checked some sites like modmyiphone for some bars to add thru ssh but most i didnt like…only color i found was orange lol..maybe its available in some source i havent added yet?? any suggestions? =]
    thanks in advance

    • Go to modmyifone.com and head over to the download section. There’s quite a few colored bars available for download. Just download and transfer the files to the approiate directory.

  2. SWEET ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  3. This app is great!! I’ve been trying to find a solution for doing exactly what this one does.. LOVE IT! (it would be even better if it would auto-update the icon pics on your springboard if you changed or added to them in your contacts)

    Thanks- as always love this site!

  4. @Brooke, great sense of humor. You guys are great! Keep up the good work we all appreciate it!!!!!

  5. i am having a problem with spring dial, it lets me save a speed dial but it never shows up anywhere. im on 1.1.4 and i tried the 3.0 and the 3.1 installer , also on the same note the flashlight apps and the voice recorder didnt work either , they would start then in one second just turn there selves off.
    bet you couldnt guess im new at this, if you have any suggestions for me or i have forgot somthing i would appreciate any advice ……..thanks

    • Yea. Im havin the same problem. i use 1.1.4. The icons don’t show up after i close spring dial. I would appreciate some help.

    • Having the same problem as Ron, and so are a couple of my friends. Used ZiphoneOSX to jailbeak only, used Installer 3.1 and installed from mindshaftgap.net. iPhone is version 1.1.4

      Any help would be really appreciated!

    • Install BSD subsystem, then create quickdials

  6. Having an issue with 1.1.4 and springdial. I press on a contact to call them and the picture expands to cover the screen and it just stops almost completly locked I have to reboot the phone to get out of it. I followed the directions from the web site to the T.

    • hey how are you? i was wondering if you fixed that problem with spring dial because my phone is doing the same thing.

    • Having exactly the same problem. Any help anyone?? Thanks for a great site

    • Me too. Creates the icons, freezes after clicking them… Did anybody already solve this?

  7. hey brooke i noticed that you have 14 pages of icons? how do you do it mine will only let me have 9.
    Cool App btw!

    • I’m on 1.1.1…are you on 1.1.3 or 1.1.4? I’m pretty sure that with 1.1.3 and above you are only allowed nine pages (it’s an Apple thing).

    • oh right i better downgrade i don’t have any space for icons,
      is 14 pages the limit or can you go higher?

    • You could always install the Categories app and use it to make a More icon…that way you could add more apps and not hit the nine page limit. And as far as I know…there is no page limit on 1.1.1.

  8. is there any way to make it so the photos go into a icon instead of just a square box?

  9. I have the Ste Packaging Source but i can’t see the springdial app in my installer, why?

  10. Hi everyone – Has anyone managed to sort out the problem with the screen freezing once you tap on a picture? Still can’t get it to work and desperatly need this app. Thanks

    • Angelo,

      Hopefully the new version that should be in the Community Sources tomorrow, will fix this for you. If you absolutely can’t wait, then you can install my repository:

      1. Open Installer.app
      2. Click “Sources”
      3. Click “Edit”
      4. Click “Add”
      5. Type “http://i.mineshaftgap.net/”
      6. Look for the new category MineShaftGap and install SpringDial.

      Since my repository will always have the newest version of SpringDial, you might see an “upgrade loop” which will always say you have an update for SpringDial. This is caused by Installer.app seeing two different versions of SpringDial available, and will continue until the new version is in Community Sources. If you get confused which version to have installed, the newest is always found on my website: http://springdial.mineshaftgap.net


  11. Hi there –

    Does anyone know if SpringDial for iPhone 3G is out yet / will be out soon? Love this app loads but sad enough to learn it’s not on App Store …. Tips are greatly appreciated.


  12. This app was propably the one I used the most on 1.1.4 and I’ve been missing it too much since I’ve uprgaded to V.2.0

    Do you have any plan to do so?
    Competitors on appstore are just far behind (speed dial…).

    Thanks anyway for this version and keep the excelent work!

    PS: I would definitely pay a few box on the appstore and comments let me think I’m not the only one!