SpringDial 0.9994

SpringDialSince the last time I did a review of SpringDial there have been a few options added. Once the app is open…there are two new options on the lower menu bar; Donate and News. The app actually opens to the News page. It just gives you info about SpringDial and Disclaimer. Other than that, there are no changes in the functionality of the app. However, I can’t seem to get this version to work. Every time I create a SpeedDial, it says that it has been created but when I close the app it makes my iPhone act all crazy (flashing white screen…not good!). Once I finally get it back the the SpringBoard, the speeddial wasn’t created…it shows up in the Delete section of that app (meaning it thinks it is created) but it doesn’t show up on my SpringBoard. This makes me very sad because I LOVE this app!! It was actually number 6 on my Top Ten Apps List. Hopefully we will see an update soon. SpringDial is available through the Ste Packaging source.

SpringDial 0.9994 SpringDial 0.9994

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  1. i have the same trouble with firmware 1.1.4 that idont see it after created on my springboard so i delete the contact by spring dial and created again and then it works on my springboard.
    #CU NOB

  2. David Patrick says

    Ya everyone needs to be careful on this version, I had to restore my phone again yesterday, the blinking got to a point where it caused my apps not to work and when I clicked on an app it luanched but I could not do anything with it

    I hope the developer is reading this and fixes the problem


  3. David Patrick says

    To be clearer, the problem seems to cause the touch not to work, example, I click on installer after installing this version, then try and click on unistall or anything and the touch does not work, so I had to restore , Thank GOD for SSH, I backed everything up so I am ok now, but be careful is all I can say

  4. I’m glad you guys are all here. I have the older version working fine, and it seems there is not only no need to update, but it should be discouraged at this point.

  5. I just downloaded this version on my newly jailbroken after restoring 1.1.4 (1.0.2 OTB) and it works like a charm
    dont habe the white flashing screens or any problem

  6. A simple respring will allow you to scroll again. Sometimes I can’t scroll w/o this app installed. A restore isn’t necessary.

  7. Updated it, reboot my iphone, & works like a charm! No flashing light – I have a 1.1.4 ziphone 2.6. Only difference is the icon it places when you don’t have a contact picture. I love this app still :)

  8. Hey Brooke, I updated spingdial today on my iphone firmware version 1.1.3 and it’s still working fine. Have to say I love this app and now couldn’t and wouldn’t want to live with out it, but when are they going to sort out the pictures to make them look more like the app logos? at the moment they are just too square, and thats the only think that lets it down for me. x

  9. I installed this app on my 16GB iphone running 1.1.4 and it works like a charm. Abosulutely no problems worked first time. This has to be the number one app to-date for the iphone.

  10. This really is a great app but my problem is that I cannot delete the contacts that i have created. It was in eternal mode when I created them and now with mobileFinder I press delete on them but nothing happens.
    Anyone else with this prob?? I have a 16GB 1.1.4 version…

  11. i have thanos, the exact same problem. I delete the new-made app and when i want to install it again it says its still there… If i go in mobile finder i do see the app but i dont know how to delete it… Anyone can help me with this?

  12. Hey all,

    First I want to apologize for all the trouble any one has had with version 0.9994. The update was trying to address the discrepancies between different environments created by different jailbreak methods. I have been working hard on trying to eliminate bugs. If you are having problem with 0.9994, I suggest to update it to 0.9996 which is only in my repo at the moment. I will probably be asking Ste to add it to his tomorrow or Monday. The following are the instructions to help.

    just released a new version of SpringDial, 0.9996. If you have not yet installed it, please take the time to do so and see if it resolves your issue. Right now it is only in my repository, so unless you have already added it, you will need to add it now:

    1. Open Installer.app
    2. Click “Sources”
    3. Click “Edit”
    4. Click “Add”
    5. Type “http://i.mineshaftgap.net/”
    6. Look for the new category MineShaftGap and install SpringDial.

    Since my repository will always have the newest version of SpringDial, you might see an “upgrade loop” which will always say you have an update for SpringDial. This is caused by Installer.app seeing two different versions of SpringDial available, and will continue until the new version is in Community Sources. If you get confused which version to have installed, the newest right now is 0.9996.

    Please let me know if this fixes your problem.

    Thanks, and I hope it works for you!

    Kenn Herman

    • HI Kenn

      Been waiting for this post for a long time. Thank you so much. I installed from your repository – am on 1.1.4 jailbroken with Liberty+ and it works like a dream. The best app I have used. Thanks once again. Angelo