Dactyl 0.02

Dactyl Version 0.02 of Dactyl makes a few changes to the app. The background color of the app has been changed from tan to blue. There are also sound effects now and when you miss a bomb…it explodes. I’m not big on sounds effects but, if you are…they are now available! Other than that, the app functions the same as in the previous version. The mole skin for this app (by iSpazio) works with version 0.02 of Dactyl as well. Dactyl is available through the ModMyiFone.com source.

Dactyl 0.02 Dactyl 0.02 Dactyl 0.02
Dactyl 0.02 Dactyl 0.02

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  1. Sound is half of the picture!!
    I think the sound effects are nice addition to the game, it makes the game more exciting and more enjoyable.

  2. I would say the game is a lot easier! The bomb in my case went of at 275 and that is when I got bored and stop playing, in the previous version my top score was 51!
    Or maybe I got a lot better since yesterday :))))

  3. you can get maximum of 501 bombs, to bad.

  4. i have an updated mole skin for dactyl 0.2 at downloadmyiphone.blogspot.com if any wants to grab it. its an edited version of ispazios mole skin