SpringDial 0.9996

SpringDial The update to version 0.9996 of SpringDial finally makes it compatible with my iPhone!! I was soooo sad when version 0.9994 did not work!! This is one of my Top Ten Apps! The only visual change to the app is in the News Section. There is a poll in which you can pick one of three icons that you think should be SpringDial’s new icon. I also noticed that when you create a speed-dial for a contact that does not have a photo assigned to them, it now puts the stock Phone icon for that speed-dial. In previous versions is used the SpringDial app icon for a contact with no photo. I’m honestly not sure which I liked better. I personally am not a huge fan of the stock Phone icon so, I guess I would have to say I liked it better when it was the SpringDial icon. Though, that could get confusing too…maybe I will just SSH in my own image! :) Or I guess I could assign my contact a photo! :) Other than that, version 0.9996 fixed a couple of bugs allowing it to work for those of you (including me) who couldn’t get the previous version to work! I am still waiting for the update that changes the speed-dial icons so they have rounded edges…they look slightly tacky all square and what not! SpringDial is available through the Ste Packaging source.

SpringDial 0.9996 SpringDial 0.9996 SpringDial 0.9996 SpringDial 0.9996

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  1. Ya. Now it finally works !

  2. Yeah if they sort out the square icons, this would be the best app out there by miles, but I hate them not being rounded and not matching the other icon, so I find myself only adding the 3 main contacts i need insead of making a page for family, mate etc. Anyway still a very cool app! Keep up the good work guys.

  3. C0der_4_liFe says
  4. I agree. Rounded edges on the icons would be sweet! But other than that, the application gets an 8 out of 10 from me.

  5. Sahil Arora says

    when i try to create a spring dial it just says FAILED
    im so pissed off i was useing the earlier versions and i loved it

  6. how did you get it to work?? I tried adding contacts but it keeps saying failed.. I read the instruction and it says add some kind of directory.. I have Winscp but I have to no idea how to add the directory.. here’s the website.. http://springdial.mineshaftgap.net/

  7. I have the repo but spring dial isn’t in it!what do I do now?