Customize Crashing Fix

Customize Ok guys, a ton of you are having issues with Customize opening and then closing back to the SpringBoard (Doug was among those of you having issues). I was hoping version 2.0.0B10 of Customize would fix this issue however, it seems that it did not. At least for Doug it didn’t. We did however find a solution that did work for Doug (thanks to a comment left by Critter)!! YAY! I thought I would pass it along to see if it will work for any of you…it is worth a try! All you need to do is go into Installer and search for SUID Lib Fix 1.0 (it is through the BigBoss source). Once you have found it, just install it and voilà Customize should work. As soon as Doug installed it, Customize worked. He did not have to uninstall and reinstall Customize or anything like that. Give it a try and let us know your results!

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  1. thanks

  2. I’ve been running Customize on 1.1.4 in the past without a problem and I had to recently restore mine and put customize back on and never has it crashed until the other day even before the new update of Customize. Adding the SUID Lib Fix 1.0 worked like a charm!!! Thanks!

  3. If the above fix doesn’t work for you follow the steps from this URL. read “Getting Summerboard and Customize to work properly” the instructions work. I had the same problem with Customize. Although I had to do this before I used the SUID Lib Fix 1.0. All I am saying is if just running the SUID Lib Fix 1.0 doesn’t work Follow the instructions in the link.

  4. Many Thanks to Brooke.
    i had the same problem and I just run SUID Lib fix 1.0 and its fixed.

    Hurrye !!!

  5. I hope the Jailbreaking Devs crack 2.0 in June. Eventhough SpickChicken says he will place “Customize” in the Apple Apps store. I want the latest and greatest to show up my friends with Crackberries and imitation iPhones (Verzion & Sprint). Customize was the first reason I jailbroke my phone.

  6. I had the first public beta of customize 2 and have done all the updAtes on a 114 phone , and did this update yesterday and hand no problems at all. (i only applied the SUID lib fix once back on 2.0b2)

    good luck everyone

  7. SUID Lib fix is a definite must-install for anyone on 1.1.3/4. It fixes problems with so many apps. Props to Critter.

  8. Hi, this is my first time installing customize.. when i open it, they asked me to create an account? what is it for?

  9. Worked for me!! Thanks!

  10. im having issues with customize,
    I have just updated customize to 10beta but its only showing 6 of about 14 themes. They are there as I have ssh to the phone and can see them but customize won’t pick them up. I was messing about ready to re install customize 5 beta and tried once more bust customize couldn’t connect to the server but it showed all the themes. I applied the one I wanted but now it only sees the 6 I could before

    1.1.4 here running 9 beta

  11. Hi there: I have no problems with the new version of Customize on my 1.1.4 iPhone.
    However, if I go to Install and later to Themes (Customize) I have only 2 themes to Install; where I could fine more??

    Thank you so much

  12. MaverickC17 says

    This has fixed the crashing problem. I have not tested if any changes actually take. I also looked for sound sets like the video game one in the list under “Themes: Customize” and did not find it. I must not have all my sources or something or is Customize sound sets in a different area in installer?

  13. HI there, if I go to Themes (Customize) I have only 3 to install, where I can install more themes??
    Thank you so much

  14. THANKYOU GUYS! Just restored my phone and thought it was only me, been driving me crazy. Nice one!(: x

  15. yay how long have i wated to have customize on my ipod- and now there it is!

  16. i can confirm that fix, everything works like a charm! thanks a lot;)

  17. This is what works for me..
    I don’t have BSD, I have Cydia installed on my iphone. Thats why I don’t want to install all the files in suidlibfix, for that I extracted the suidlibfix file, which has 2 command line :-

    chmod +s /usr/bin/login

    mkdir -p /usr/local/arm-apple-darwin && ln -s /usr/lib /usr/local/arm-apple-darwin/lib

    All you hve to do is log in using ssh and execute the above command lines. Customize works like charm after that. No need of the complete suidlibfix package. Maybe Customize app should include this fix in the new release…

  18. Thanks again AIS… keep up the good work

  19. goonerlen says

    hi i was running modded customize on my 1.1.4 ziphone jailbroken phone with no probs ….. BUT when i installed customize 2.0 last night it DIDNT crash but i could not find any of my customize apps i had installed before like battary headers and the weather backgrounds etc. has anyone had this probably ? and is there away to get the apps on there? thanks for any help.

  20. Yeah it worked for now! I’ve got a Ipod Touch 1.1.4.
    Don’t want to get problems again with customize -.-

  21. MaverickC17 says

    2.0 must be different, it connects to the Internet.

    How do you put sounds and images into Customize 2.0?

    The old way of downloading sound and image sets under “Themes: Customize” in Installer does not work.

    Need Help!

  22. Is anyone else having trouble making icons invisible? In version 2.0 I’m trying to make my Phone and SMS icons invisible but when I exit Customize and restart summerboard, the icons are still there.

  23. VinnieDM says


    When I try to install the suid lib fix, it gives an error “main script execution failed!” also the flashlight from STE used to work but the last few days it won’t start either… same for the game “lights off” try to open but goes back to summerboard…

  24. Customize would never affect other apps especially not apps that never work outside their folder.

    @Alex – If your in version 2.0 you would know customize does not even try to hide apps you are either using poof or hidepod. These do not interfere with customize they work with a com.applespringboard.plist or some weird name, can’t remember.

  25. hi
    i tried to install customize .. but error message “Main Script Execution failed” comes… the icon of customize is on my iphone…but it is not shown in the unistalling items…so how can i uninstall it again?

  26. I can’t find this “fix’ anywhere under any Boss sources??? HELP PLEASE!

  27. SUID Lib Fix 1.0 <— this thing dose really works .. thanks Very much i now finelly have my cusomize working after agesss YaYYY!!!!!

  28. Works perfectly!!! Thanks

  29. why does customize ask me to set up a account after initializing customize….

  30. hi after this fix it worked for me, wonderful… problem is not able to edit the system strings. one more thing how can i set the customise themes which is available uder customize themes category in installer.

  31. Thank you, that worked just fine :)

  32. Hi, I having trouble trying to change to a different wallpaper from settings/wallpaper. I have this problem after installing Customize. I applied one of the themes there, but I did not like the wallpaper so I wanted to change it but it does not work. Does anyone know why?

  33. i cannot fond this suid lib fix anywhere

  34. I can not load SUID Lib Fix It says Main script execution failed

    • same here…I cant find no way to get it to install…and I heard there is a way but its dangerous and can easilly brick your iPhone..I need it for phone zap to work…anybody know any ringtone creating apps for the iPhone through installer? I wud love u if u sent the source to my email :)

  35. it tells me script execution failed, how can i fix this? ive asked this 3 times now.

  36. Hi, i have a 1.1.4 jailbroken through ziphone ipod touch and I installed the SUID Lib Fix 1.0 now it opens and tells me to create a new account but when i finish and click create it crashes :S what should i do?

    • nvm i got it fix.. for those who have had the same problem just add email and password

  37. Dark n Cold says

    hi, cant download anything in new customize 2.0, says downloading but nothing happens, please help!

  38. hi
    i tried to install SUID Lib Fix 1.0 .. but error message “Main Script Execution failed”.

    iphone 1.1.4

    can anyone help?


    • I also encountered this problem.
      So have installed the Fix successfully till now ?


  39. SUID Lib Fix 1.0 works wonderfully with my iPhone 16GB, 1.1.4. Now I have Customize running. Thanks a lot.

  40. Ollie Gray says

    I’m also getting the “create new account” bug every time i start customize up it’ll ask me and i’ve resorted to just typing rubbish to get past the screen. Is there any way to disable the account creation part?

  41. Hello, my Customize (iphone 1.1.4) not work, i heave SUID Lib Fix 1.0 and chmod 777 – always back to SB. Haw to fix it?

    (sory for me english)

  42. i installed customize and it started it is said to install suid lib fix 1.0,
    i tried to install SUID Lib Fix 1.0 .. but error message “Main Script Execution failed”.
    is it because i changed my app dir/? is there any fix for the main script execution error?

  43. Thanks alot i have got customize working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. its a bit slow though

  45. hey guys ,,,

    i got iphone 1.1.4 n i have customize on home screen n cant install suid lib fix 1.0 error always pops up ” main script execution failed ” can u please help as my customize doesnt work with this …

    pls try to reply me and also send me a email to

    looking forward for yr reply
    thanks in advance

  46. blackprincess says

    i cant find suid lib fix anywere pls help

  47. blackprincess says

    i really want to use customize it let me in once and then down hill after that

  48. Hi all, I just upgraded to 2.2 and after installing customize thru cydia, the app wont load, I been trying to locate the suid file to download and I cant find it.
    any help? thanks

  49. Hi all! I’m about to burn my iphone, could some body please help me?…
    everytime i try to install the SUID LIB FIX it gives me the “main script execution error”…..
    I have tried almost everything….
    please help….

    • Suid lib fix does not install in installer 4.0 and neither does modded customize, this has frustrated me for hours.