WinPwn is no longer in beta!

WinPwn released version 1.0 today officially bringing it out of beta! YAY! Welcome to the world of full fledge applications WinPwn!

The new features include:
– Completely rewritten installer app that adds support for nearly every package (Including Cydia)
– You are now able to remove items from installer
– Change logos without restoring. This was requested by a LOT of people
– Various Bug fixes & features

We haven’t had a chance to use version 1.0 yet however, my iPhone is about to the point where it usually starts acting crazy. So, you might see a post about it soon!

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  1. SaladFork says

    I just used WinPwn 1.0 to change the boot logo of my iPhone (without rebooting). I made a backup using iBackup just in case, but everything worked FLAWLESSLY! I’m loving my new boot logos, and not having to reboot is fantastic.

    For anyone wondering, I used the boot logo changer on a phone that was jailbroken, unlocked, and activated with iLiberty+, not Pwnage (or WinPwn), and it still worked 100%.



  2. I am definatly waiting for you, Brooke. I restore my iPhone once a month and the only thing that’s ever worked 100% for me is ZiPhone2.5. Not ZiPhone3.0, not iLiberty+, not WinPwnBeta, nothing. I wish you the best of luck!~

    • its because u used ziphone first you have to reflash your baseband and bootloader. its not that hard but not easy. use. winphuc

    • DId you try iLiberty+ 1.3? It has worked flawlessly so far for me (I have used it 5 times). Older versions had some bugs.

    • I think I’ll have to try that out. Thanks guys!

  3. cloudywolf says

    anyone kno where to get ibackup???

  4. Douglas

    Can you and I know this might be too much to ask, to explain what the pawnage tool is all about?

    to be honest, I went over to their website, the russian team, but still I didn’t get it, I mean ok it will unlock, jailbreak, even ‘neuter’ the baseband and ‘fake’ it, please tell me we’re still talking about the iphone, yet I don’t see what’s the use, ok beside that you can use any type of customized firmware which people can do anything with it…

    now my question is how does that get us near the “original” state of the iphone, I mean I had fears for a long time since I jailbroke and unlocked my iphone and I was afraid to lose some of the functionality that comes with the original iphone, the one that works with AT&T, so how can installing the pawnage tool help me..if you can explain how will it help me I would really appreciate it…

    and of course thank you so much and to brooke for this unbelievably cool and great website..


    • because pwnage removes. DRM ( data read managment) and that has been the biggest problem with cracking and trying to keep the orginal fw settings in tact .

  5. Hi there:

    iBackup works for Mac??

    Thank you

  6. Peter_HH says

    No chance. If I want to update it has an errormessage after Step “Registering Callbacks”:
    AMDeviceNotificationSubscribe failed with error -402653180.

    I’m using Vista 32bit, having .NET Framework 2.0 installed.