iPhone 101 – Episode 8

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  1. Kristian says

    Guys guys, you really need to fix your rss feed. I just got this whole episode (192mb!) in my mail-box via my RSS subscription…..

    Could you please check it out? I would hate having to unsubscribe to this excellent site!


  2. cheers from France!
    you bots are doing an excellent job!
    like go hear Brook laughing ;-)

  3. At the begining it has your names mixed up! lol!

  4. cool_guy says

    Brooke.. you are so lovely…

    • cool_guy says

      it’s so funny when Doug asked Brooke about the 3G thingy.. LOL…

      and all the noises… haha.. thanx for video!!!!! really enjoy it although rumour ares still rumours until they are proven..

  5. cartoon156 says

    Did you guys intentionally switch the names in the beginning?

  6. excellent job guy
    keep it up!!

  7. bigmcq77 says

    when I click to play on my iPod it says the URL you requested could not be found. Any ideas?

  8. What city are you guys in?
    Just curious =)

    • quite easily found….
      Ankeny, IA
      funny to see that 3G isn’t even offered ANYWHERE in Iowa. so really there is no point in brooke or Doug getting the 3G iphone, if it exists.

      don’t mean to be mean, just stating facts.

    • From what I’ve heard, Iowa will be getting 3G by the end of the year.

    • Nicktendo says

      Yeah, they’re saying that Alaska will be getting it shortly too.

  9. Phil, Washington DC says

    The new look of the website on the iPhone ROCKs. I check it for news several times a day!

  10. alex_dlc says

    iappcat.com is back up!!!!!

  11. You are a very nice couple and it’s very good to see you both since in a while. I visit this website everyday. By the way, I am from Brazil.

  12. intellibourn app and itoday neither work on 1.1.1 iphone , or atleast not with me …help?

  13. Brooke is nice and lovely :D

    I love to hear her laughing!

  14. Thanks again guys for a nice insight of what to expect (maybe?!) in the next iPhone.
    I check this website everyday too…love it!

    Keep up the good work.

    Sean (Scotland)

  15. its so funny how when u2 are talking about the app store being bad James blunt comes on and makes it sound very depressing lol

  16. DaN Himself says

    Hey Doug, what’s up?

    Just came here to drop by and say that this time the podcast worked allright using itunes… Updated the podcast and is already into my iPod Touch withouth have to convert the video like last time.

    Doug and Brooke, keep the good work! It’s awesome.. but.. may I kinda rimind you that the podcast was suposed to be weekly? LOL. It sucks to wait sooo much. Anyway, thanks again guys!

  17. Thanks!!

  18. I just love you guys. You are both so down to earth. Keep up the good work. Appleiphoneschool is my fav site for the iphone I check it twice a day. :)

    PS- I really don’t think that intelliscreen uses a lot of extra battery power if any. I still charge mine every other day like before I used the app.

  19. Hey Guys,

    If you need help with your tee shirts, let me know

  20. wow, a whole podcast on rumors?
    i would just like to point out, you probably WON’T get mobile TV on the iphone. not in the traditional sense. you need an antenna just for viewing. look at any picture of the Vu from LG and you will see. there is an antenna just for TV viewing. next i would like to point out the GPS situation. it would be nice to have a GPS, but Tom Tom type apps on the iphone? NO WAY! your talking 2GB of space for all maps and a large points of interest catalog. who is gonna want to put that much space just for GPS? maybe if they take advantage of 3G and store most of it online. but still, then you need to be within coverage. whenever im driving, i go in and out of coverage all the time.

    that all said. once again this is ALL rumors. there might not even be a 3G iphone. their big update might just be a larger size flash drive.

    i hate reading about the rumors of the 3G iphone. they have been circling since the original iphone came out. yet we still have yet to see one. just remember, they said they wouldn’t make one till 3G chips were better at handling power. so they wouldn’t drain the battery so fast.

    sorry for the rant, im just getting annoyed at 3G iphone rumors…wake me when they are a reality!

    • I understand your hate for 3G rumors haha. BUT, if 3G is fast as everyone claims then many of the things that are RUMORED can be very true. TV can be done streaming, and same with maps, then again this is INFERRING that 3G is super fast like they claim. Just my two cents on the topic :-)

    • 3G is fast. but lastly, you want to factor in the availability of 3G coverage. its not everywhere. and anywhere you have normal coverage, doesn’t mean you have 3G coverage.
      check out the coverage areas. its very small…

      on one last note. it is possible to use the iphone’s edge network at an internet source on a laptop. so im sure the same will be possible with jailbroken 3g iphones. if they exist

    • you might want to check out this web page to access the edge internet through your laptop


    • DaN Himself says

      I agree with Sahil…

      It would be dumb not to put the iPhone inside the 3G market. I watch TV over my iPod Touch using ORB. That’s right, I have a TV tuner card in my PC and I can even watch it with my iPod touch in my house with my wi-fi router or anywhere else with a wi-fi hotstop.
      The streaming is very good, it transfers at 2.3mbps. If you can get about 4mpbs with 3G (rumors again), you could watch TV with the iPhone. Instead of ORB, carriers will have some kind of interface that it’s pretty much like the ORB, but only for the iPhone, since ORB let’s you stream TV to a notebook, desktop, PDA, etc…
      GPS could work together with google maps and the 3G network.
      I live in Brazil and I have a GPS navigator in my car and in my Nokia N95. The Brazilian maps and POIs doesn’t take even 600mb of data.
      So, you could also download only the maps you will use. Why would you want to download a map from san francisco if you live in new york? If you’re gonna travel, then download the map you need. Simple as that.

    • DaN Himself,
      you can agree all you want, doesn’t change the fact that 3G isn’t available everywhere in the US. also it doesn’t change teh fact that you can’t watch TV with it.
      AT&T’s main TV partner is MediaFLO. the way they offer TV service will not be available on the iphone, thats what i said. the orb software you use, is completely different. i said “you probably WON’T get mobile TV on the iphone. not in the traditional sense.” by traditional sense, that would mean their TV offering with MediaFLO. you can read about it here: http://news.cnet.com/ATT-taps-MediaFlo-for-mobile-TV/2100-1039_3-6158544.html
      they also have a “partnership” with MobiTV. slightly different where they offer TV over the internet. so they might port their software to the iphone, who knows…
      once again tho, you have to worry about having 3G in your area. in the USA, 3G is not everywhere, and no where near everywhere. now i live in chicago, and im fine with it. but most people can’t use 3G, so shouldn’t even be worrying about the 3G iphone.

      back to the GPS thing, brazil is kinda small compared to all of the US. im saying i have a 2GB card in my GPS unit in my car, and its full and it has maps and POI’s for all the US. yes they can offer smaller packages with just a state or two, make size smaller. im just saying what is currently being done.

    • Although not exactly live TV, the BBC iPlayer in the UK is just amazing on the iPhone on wifi and I think 3G will be fast enough to run it when your out and about.

  21. hi guys, Greetings again from Ireland, thanks for the podcast. And just for the record Intelliscreen uses no more battery than normal for me :-) keep up the great work both of you!

  22. MacVenom says

    I love this site.
    I promise you guys, the new iPhone will NOT be plastic. Apple is working towards a very green line-up (in other words, recyclable metal.) For a reference, the iMac went metal just last August, (used to be plastic). I promise you it won’t be plastic. It doesn’t fit apple. Additionally, I’ve heard that even the macbooks will be metal in the future.

    • Yea I dont want it to be metal, its just not apple. The iPhone now is 10 times better build quality than any phone out in the market, if they went to plastic with the 3G they would be taking a step backwards like all the dull and normal plastic phones which just suck tbh.

  23. Thanks for another great podcast guys ! I check your site several times daily – love it !
    Anyway.. in your podcast you mention having issues getting connected to some Wi-Fi routers – I’m having the same problem here at my university. It seems to be an issue particularly with CISCO routers.
    We have them everywhere at this Uni and I can’t connect to any of the networks (staff, student, guest etc)
    Some “leopard” machines won’t connect either.
    Jas in Australia

    • DaN Himself says

      I got a cisco router, no problems with the wi-fi yet using the ipod touch.

      But I don’t like my router… it kinda cuts off some of my bandwith…

    • I’m going to attempt to talk to the owners of the three stores I have problems with and see what they are using…

  24. you two are such a nice couple :-) 2 very pretty persons, you look like moviestars

  25. Thanks Brooke & Doug for another amazing show! Looking forward to your 3G stuff next month. Have an excellent spring! :-D

  26. doug and brooke, you are so sweet couple, you love your iphones so much.
    keep up the good work guys

  27. Nice episode :)

  28. That Cafe has some good music! :P

    Excellent episode again.

  29. HI , can anyone tell me is there a website or any functionality or application available from where i can directly download wallpapers/ringtones from net to iphone (directly) rather than saving them on my PC and then seding them thru USB intom y iphone. if, yes please let me know, if no is it possible to develop such a functionality, and/or will the new 3g have this function in built. Quiet a mouth full i know… please help thanks

  30. What kinda case is on Doug’s iPhone??

  31. This Is such A great podcast. There is one thing wrong with it. You guys need to do it more often. Way more often. Come on it’s been more then a month since you last episode. And it was over a month between this and the episode before it. Come that all you need to do is do this podcast more often. It is so great.

  32. Whens 9 comming