Fresh Theme

Fresh is based off the Leaf theme, which I am a big fan of. So, I thought I would take a look at it and see what I thought. Well, I ended up really liking it! If you have been around the site for a while, you know that all my favorite backgrounds are beach pictures so this theme totally fits my style! It is a SummerBoard theme available through the ModMyiFone source.

Fresh Theme Fresh Theme

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  1. I love the appearance of Fresh. However, it has no icons for all app I have installed; for example Leaf has (more than 300 icons). Is there any website where I can download more icons? I’ve been looking on the Internet but I can not find. I refer to as a website as Leaf website, where you download more icons.
    Thank you very much

  2. you guys want to see Vista Perfection 2.0 “theme” !!!! I just installed it… it changes your iPhone into a Vista-like machine; sounds, icons, wallpaper, categories (Computer, Docs, Bin, .. ) just like the real stuff. The dock is so nice, also with the windowz button etc… you can find this great theme in Installer (standard sources, I think). !!!!

  3. verrrryyyyyyy sweeeet ;) waiting for the day that somebody designs a cool and simple theme. all this tries look like taken out from a candy shop. nothing to look longer at…

  4. best theme ever = stickers from customize

  5. un webmaster veut devenir millionnaire! voici le dictionnaire des sites français dont le propriètaire veut devenire millionnaire!

  6. where can i find the theme that i installed?