iPhone Video Recorder

iPhone Video Recorder The update to version of iPhone Video Recorder now allows you to upload videos to Youtube using your standard Youtube account. The update also gives better stability to the application and fixes a few bugs. Just a reminder, if you do not have the registered version of this applications, you can only record up to 30 times and they can only be 30 seconds long. Also, it will add a watermark in the lower right corner of the video that says, Dream Catcher and the website. If you have the registered version, which costs $19.95, you have unlimited recording (well, based on the space available on your iPhone) and you can add a custom signature to the video. I personally really like this application though, I am still waiting to see what uShow is going to be like! iPhone Video Recorder is available through the ModMyiFone source.

iPhone Video Recorder

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  1. I bought the app….and I’m satisfied with it. It works well…..but I see that uSHow looks good to so i;m gonna decide when uShow is out wich 1 I’m gonna keep. Until then this will do. I can compare the videos with the ones in Nokia N series. If u liked the quality on those then u wil like the movies recorded with this app.

    PS – Come on uShow………

    • I’m starting to wonder if uShow will ever actually come out to be honest !

    • I saw the internet page….and liked what was there. They have to be stupid not to give that app to the pple. It looks great! I like the interface better on the uShow app. But at the end the movie quality counts not the GUI of the app……right?

    • By the way….the one thing that I hate about iPhone Video Recorder is the fact that it has no TIME CODE. U can’t see how much u recorded.

  2. honeyhunter says

    Why get this when you can get a hack version that gives you unlimited download? Plus no watermark in the lowe right corner. The only downside is it doesn’t give you the option of uploading it to YouTube.

    • To support the people that created the application.

    • In the payed version u can enable/disable the watermark………and can also type any text u want as the watermark :)

    • Plus, uShowTime doesn’t have audio does it? From what I remember it doesn’t.

    • Can’t tell….dunno that!

    • ahh i dont know about buying any app right now, i’ll use the demo but when 2.0 comes all of these apps will be to waste and so will your money. so i say buy from the app store

    • Ummm…u know that if u buy it any update comes for free….from that moment on.

  3. jaylou180 says

    I was wondering if I am the only one who has this problem. Does the video and sound out of sync. If so can someone else comment.

  4. I am not happy with the quality if the video to be honest. It is very grainy, not clear.

  5. Trial period ended?
    To fix that simply go to:
    Rename camera.d to cameraHawx.d
    delete cameraHawx.d
    restart iPhone Video Recorder.
    30 new videos to take!

    In the above folder you will also find the mp4 files if you want to ssh them over to your computer.

    I used Filebrowser on the iPhone to perform the task. Good luck! :)

  6. I think 1.18 has grainy video. 1.22 upwards has decent if not good quality. Apart from the time taken to encode to h264 I presume it could be a official video app provided by the manufacturer. Sometimes the hacked version are previous versions, do try 1.22 upwards and report on quality. Its quite good.

    • Its not like u have many recorders to chose from. The quality is good….I personaly like it. Until the race for the best rec app is over I’m gonna stick with this one. I’m still watin for uShow to see what it can do. A good update for iPhone VR will be the time code option to be dispalyed so u can see how much u recorded. That’s all!

  7. l'ours brun says

    Does anyone know where the saved mp4 files are?
    I just have problem in finding them to copy back to my computer.

    Other than that.So far so good. This videos seems great watching on the iPhone :)

  8. magsbadboy says

    I still can’t upload my videos to Youtube… any tricks anybody?

  9. I keep getting an error that says something like ‘report error to website (error 1000100f))” any one can help?

  10. looking for the hacked version

  11. Add this source: http://repo.mauzao.com
    There u go

  12. i just jailbreak the iphone 3g i’ve installed a couple of app including the iphone video recorder. but for some reason it’s not coming up. it’s shows on my phone but it wont come up when i click on it can some one help me

  13. mine is the trial version, i havent recorded 30 videos but its already telling me to purchase the license. how do i retrieve the clips i had already recorded?

  14. how can i retrieve the clips i had already recorded. i have the trial version and already its saying i should purchase a license??

  15. I use this prog. love it, but when i try to email a video, its just sits in my outgoing box in gmail and does not email, in fact it has completly screwed my phone up! Now my phone has to restart everytime i TRY to use safari/email/volume, heck anything the requires me to search for data, my phone freezes up because this stupid video is stuck in my outgoing messages! deleted my email acct from the phone, its still there, deleted the video program, its still there, and even when i delete the actual email its self, its still there! freezing my phone up making it restart ever 10 min! can anyone help me fix this prob?

  16. i cant find it on itunes….where did u find it?