Raptor 1.2

Raptor The update to Raptor 1.2 adds a new feature that I think makes the application much more usable! When you are in a browser and you double-tap to bring up the menu, the Exit option has been replaced by a Home option. The Home option brings you back to the application and the list of websites. This was a feature I was hoping they would add. There have not been any websites added to the main list of websites however, there is now a Request App option. The only catch is that you have to have the full version of the app in order to request an application. You can get the full version of the app by making a donation. I’m still waiting for a few more features with this one…ability to easily add/remove websites from the list and the ability to rearrange the list. Though, the Home option already makes this application more useful for me. Raptor is available through the iSpazio source.

Raptor 1.2 Raptor 1.2 Raptor 1.2 Raptor 1.2 Raptor 1.2

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