Periodic Table 1.1

Periodic Table Version 1.1 of Periodic Table makes just a few small changes. The first thing you will notice when you open the application is that the background color on the tabs in the lower menu bar has been changed to light blue. Another new feature is a color key when in the Table view. If you scroll down you are able to see what each color on the Table stands for such as; Non-Metal, Alkali Metal, Halogen….etc. When in sort mode, you are now able to select an element and it will bring up all the information for that element. There were also a few small bug fixes. You can get Period Table in the BigBoss source.

Periodic Table 1.1 Periodic Table 1.1 Periodic Table 1.1 Periodic Table 1.1

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  1. Please i need this application but in extension .ipa because i have the firnware 2.1 in my ipod touch for this i cant see this aplicattion, because when i download “periodic table” of installer, this aplicattion dont works… please i need this aplication for mi school, please…

    si no escribo bien en ingles es por que soy mexicano, tenog 15 aƱos..

  2. Another great application that need a upgrade to 2.1….