3G iPhone Pictures with Video Chat

CrunchGear has posted some 3G iPhone pictures that include screenshots of video chat and a red version. They also have screenshots of text that they believe proves iChat is coming to Windows. Hit their website for more photos and let us know in the comments what you think… real or fake?

UPDATE: Here’s the original source on Flickr

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  1. FAKE! Its so photoshopped, engadget even said that the created whipped it up in photoshop using a template he and his buddy made!

  2. Fake. iPhone cannot get that thin at the top and the bottom like that because then the speaker(s) will be even worse… I think Apple doesn’t want to lose their customers.

    By the way, has Brooke, or Doug received my email??

  3. the red one seems to have no restart button on the top.. nice try but looks fake to me.

  4. fakee a duhhh

  5. These have been confirmed to be FAKE.

  6. fake!

  7. don´t attach these faker so much attention! It´s a simple photoshop-fake and though it´s on every iPhone-Newssite :(
    Can´t wait 2 more days?

  8. I think this site just wants to keep up with the news. If it ended up being real and they didn’t post it, they would probably lose viewers.

    Honestly, this is the only iPhone news website I like to check out (mainly because of the great iPhone friendly site)

  9. fake

  10. agreed FAKE!

  11. …that’s a Photoshop workspace.

  12. who cares if its fake. everything that has been posted so far is fake. nobody will know what the 3g iPhone will look like until apple finally decides to release it. So clearly its fake but who cares, people are just coming up with their own creative “3g iPhones”.

  13. does it matter? real or fake?
    people. it will show up tomorrow.
    just wait 24hours. be patient.