asVibra 0.1

asVibra is an application that will make your SMS/Message vibrate alert longer. When you install asVibra it will not add an icon to your SpringBoard, it will just automatically change your alert vibrate. The normal vibrate lasts about as long as the alert tone. However, when you install asVibra it seems to almost double the length of the vibrate. I personally like it, it does not make it too long that it is annoying…it just makes it long enough to not be as quick and unnoticeable as the stock vibrate. I did not have any issues installing or uninstalling this application. When uninstalled, it just goes right back to the stock vibrate. asVibra is available through source.

asVibra 0.1

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  1. Great Idea! About time they came out with something like this to help.

  2. Hi, just to check – this package is available through Installer or Cydia?

    I installed it from Installer, so the next question is: how do I uninstall it?


  3. how do i install it on my new iphone 3g?

  4. why when i installed this app did it stop my vibration from working how can i fix this and also it wont let me uninstall