MobileTwitter 1.5.2

MobileTwitter The update to version 1.5.2 of MobileTwitter adds a new Update First option in the Settings. If you toggle on Update First…when you open the application it will open directly to the Update section. Which I think is a great new feature. When I open a twitter application on my iPhone it is usually because I would like to twitter something and then I go in and read all the tweets. I think I am actually going to start using MobileTwitter. I have not been happy with Twinkle’s performance lately. Though, they are still a few things I like to see changed in MobileTwitter…like when you reply to someone, the cursor says in front of the @suchandsuch instead of behind it so that you can just start typing. Other than the new Update First feature, I do not see any visual changes to the application. MobileTwitter is avilable through the source.

MobileTwitter 1.5.2 MobileTwitter 1.5.2 MobileTwitter 1.5.2 MobileTwitter 1.5.2

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  1. Related: what are your names on Twitter? I’d like to start following you. Or you can follow me… Send me an email.

  2. MaverickC17 says

    Twinkle has been sketchy but I will not use any other Twitter App that does not have the “Near Me” feature and the ability to take/view pictures within the App. Every Twitter App should have these features. The website could have the “Near Me” feature easily by entering your zip code or something.

  3. Like MaverickC17, I use Twinkle exclusively because of the Near Me feature. It singlehandedly turns Twitter from a super-simplified blog into social networking.

    Even if I’m sitting in front of my computer, I’ll pull out my iPhone to send tweets. Just so my neighbors can enjoy them too. :D