iCheckMail 1.0

iCheckMail iCheckMail is an application that allows you to change the interval in which your email is automatically checked. In the iPhone’s stock Mail Settings, you have the options to Auto-Check your email Manually, Every 15 Minutes, Every 30 Minutes and Every Hour. iCheckMail allows you to enter any minute interval that you would like. When the application opens, you will get a pop-up where you can enter how often you would like it to auto-check. The number has to be in whole minutes (1, 5, 30…), it will not allow seconds. Once you have entered the interval you would like, select ok. You will get a pop-up letting you know that the new interval has been set. If you change the auto-check in the Stock Settings, it will overwrite the interval you just set in iCheckMail. Ok, as cool as this concept sounds, I have been testing this application all day and I cannot get it to work. It does not work when my iPhone is locked or when it is unlocked. iCheckMail is available through the BigBoss source.

Note: You will need to install Erica’s Utilities before you install this application. You can get it through the Ste Packaging source.

iCheckMail 1.0 iCheckMail 1.0 iCheckMail 1.0 iCheckMail 1.0 iCheckMail 1.0 iCheckMail 1.0 iCheckMail 1.0

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  1. Any plans to get full RSS posting, rather than partial? I know I’m not the only one that would love that. If you’re worried about RSS scrapers (stealers) – see i.e. RLSLog.net and how they combatted it – they put a “This article has been published at RLSLog.net – visit our site for full content” at the top and bottom of each full RSS article. They get a lot more traffic than you guys, yet have found that to be a successful way of combatting RSS scrapers.

    Consider full RSS posting please!

    By the way – iCheckmail is an interesting concept – However I agree with Apple that I don’t want my phone checking mail every 5 minutes (to save battery life) – Email isn’t supposed to be urgent. Phone Calls are.

  2. How can u check if this is working or not???

  3. This isn’t working for me. :-( I was really hoping it would work seeing as how I don’t even have stock options for automatic email check. Is there any other method I can use to get my email automatically checked? I’m on 1.1.3, unlocked, and using T-Mobile T-Zones Hack. (If that matters.)

  4. can you get email with tmobile t-zone hack?

  5. Worked fine for me!!!

  6. i installed erika’s utility , then the icheckmail and actually works great, i sent 2 emails from gmail to my yahoo and i got them after one minute after i sent the email..

  7. imacdaddy says

    works great install ericas utilities first kie the dude above mentioned.
    cant wait for mobile me;)

  8. Hi, i am kinda struggling of how to get this application open… By the way, I am very new to this.. So I have already installed Erica’s Utilities package, however I cannot find that application or that package as well…?

    help me!

    • Hi,

      what is that purple looking theme in this Iphone? Looks good, I’d like to have that!

      Please help!