PowerManager 0.5 – WARNING, Kind of

PowerManager Do not install this application. I have tried several times to install PowerManager and each time I do, my iPhone gets stuck on the spinning wheel of death. I try everything to get out of it but, I end up having to SSH in and delete the application folder. I would recommend not installing this application. It is through the ModMyiFone source.

Update: I tested this on another iPhone and it seems to be working fine. So, I tried it again on my iPhone and it still crashes it. It must be conflicting with another application. I would say install at your own discretion.

Ok, now that I have this application working on an iPhone…here is a review.

PowerManager is an application that allows you to Respring, Respring to the Lockscreen or Restart your iPhone. The Respring option will respring your SpringBaord without bringing you to the lockscreen, Lock Respring will respring your SpringBoard to the lockscreen and Restart will turn your iPhone off and back on. All the options work as they should (at least on the iPhone I got the app to work on). PowerManager is available through the ModMyiFone source.

PowerManager 0.5 PowerManager 0.5 PowerManager 0.5

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  1. holy cow, I installed this app this morning but did not yet test it… I will uninstall it right away!!!!! Thanks for the warning!!! I am using 1.1.4

    Ps; I would like to add that installing and launching this app was no problem, I just haven’t tried the functies

  2. I installed this on my iPhone running 1.1.4 and have tested it and there are no problems with mine. It installed without a hitch and the functions all work. Maybe I just got lucky with it but I am going to uninstall it because I have no use for it.

  3. I installed this and it works for me. Brooke must have another app conflicting with PowerManager. We will let you know if we figure out what it is.

  4. If it works or not, you still didn’t tell us what it does or its functionalities.

  5. Sahil Arora says

    Brook if im not mistaken u have a winpwned iphone. and i know some apps do not work with pwnage like springdial. you have to ssh into spring dial and fix it, so mayb this is the same.

  6. So basically this is the same as iReboot ?

    iReboot is only 16kb as well

    And so far it works with no problems and its not conflicting with any apps

  7. jaylou180 says

    what is the source for ireboot

  8. Works for me I used ZiPhone.
    It’s like iReboot?

  9. Worked great or me. Ziphone 1.1.4

  10. ziphone here too, also working well!!!!!

  11. iliberty works great here

  12. jailbroken method has no bearing on wether or not an app will work…

  13. it almost sounds like you hit the 80 app limit brooke. do you have summerboard installed?

  14. Thanks for the info.
    Keeping iReboot for now.

  15. Works fine for me on a Mac Pwned iPhone.

  16. worked well for me on the 1.1.4