Sculptor 1.0

Sculptor Sculptor is a just a fun little drawing application. It opens to a blank screen. You can then run your finger across the screen to draw. What makes this application interesting is that the images look as though they have been sculpted in clay. If you would like to erase what you have drawn, just shake your iPhone. Now all it needs is the ability to save or email the drawing. Sculptor is available through the iSpazio source.

Sculptor 1.0 Sculptor 1.0 Sculptor 1.0 Sculptor 1.0 Sculptor 1.0 Sculptor 1.0

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  1. The application was lagging a lot on my phone. I’m not sure how it was on everyone elses’ phone.

  2. i can`t find it in my iphone
    i have iSpazio source so what happen?

  3. it’s quite… crappy as an application…

  4. I like the app.

    Is there any way to manage the erasin shake because is too sensitive
    i just move a little and erase..

  5. to save the pic you could just take a screenshot