iRemember 1.0

iRemember iRemember is an application that allows Safari to retain cookies. I honestly cannot explain this application better than the developer does. So, here it is, “iRemember will fix the issue of websites constantly asking for login by enabling Cookies in Safari.” More in-depth description – “iRemember is an utility that will fix the Safari Cookies on 1.1.4 firmware (and possibly 1.1.3), for some iPhone setups. In fact after having closed Safari, it’ll keep asking you to login again….To fix it we only need to run a command called “chown.” And this is exactly what iRemember does. The own will change from “root” to “mobile” and Safari will save your cookies and will not continuously ask to log into the same website.”

This is a great fix and perfect for websites like FaceBook (which I use quite often). We have only been testing this app for a short amount of time so, if we notice any glitches we will let you know. Let us know in the comments how it works for you. iRemember is available through the iSpazio source.

Note: This is a code app, it will not add an icon to your springboard.

iRemember 1.0 iRemember 1.0

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  1. Oh :-O I thought the cookie thing happened only on my phone…

  2. I remember downloading another app that was just like this in the installer. Think it was called 1.1.4 cookie fix or something like that.

  3. thank you so much guy

  4. Thank you for making this man was pissing me off so much every time I visit digg having to add my information was just sooo annoying and thought it was just my iphone glad to see i wasn’t a lone and also having a fix ^_^

  5. yay

  6. Yah i downloaded this and this also brings back the whole slow typing when you are in a text box like the one im typing in for this comment. it only happens every so often but when it does its so frustrating. does this happen to people who use this fix or is it just me?

    • I don’t have this app, but sometimes when I am typing the iphone gets very slow, almost freeze. I think this happens when the site is still loading up.

    • it happens to me with sites like,,, and it used to happen with the non-iPhone optimized page of AIS. btw, congrats Brooke and Doug, for that special version of the site!

  7. Hm what exactly does that mean? If i log in into sites like facebook i stay logged in for quite a while, even if i re-visit the page.

    But after some time the login expires.

    That doesn’t have to do anything with this app, does it?
    Does this only fix real bugs or does it let you stay logged in longer via that cookie?

    • to some 1.1.4 iPhones and iPods, there is an issue that the session on all websites would expire when closed. this fix fixes that!

  8. Thanks for this. 1.1.1 did not have this problem. I guess because everything was under root instead of mobile it all makes sense now

    When I upgraded I thought that I had broken safari some how. This explains it all.

  9. does it allow us to save passwords for sites like facebook or orkut?

  10. just a heads-up. there has been a fix for this 1.1.4 cookie bug by appledailytimes that was released for quite some time now. the fix is called “1.1.4 cookie fix” that can be installed from appledailytimes’ repo. works great as well.

  11. Rosenfeldt says

    I have used iLiberty on my 1.1.4, and when I use this nice fix here, it still won’t remember my facebook login!?? Another “funny” thing is, that my wallpaper keep changing to black when I install a applikation and respring…hmm?

  12. I don’t think this is working for me.

  13. For some reason I can’t download this. It says download failed. What can I do? I really need this.

  14. In all honesty, i have been trying to download the iremember cookie fix for the last 6 months. It always says package download failed. Does anybody, anybody on planet earth have a practical working solution for this cookies problem? PLEASE!!!!