PowerTool 1.0

PowerTool PowerTool is an application that allows you to respring and reboot your iPhone. THe application will open to the main page in which you have the options to; Set Language which will restart your iPhone without going to the lock screen, Restart SpringBoard which will restart your SpringBoard bringing it to the lock screen and Reboot which will bring you to the boot logo screen. When I tested the application, all the options work exactly as they should. PowerTool is available through the iSpazio source.

PowerTool 1.0 PowerTool 1.0 PowerTool 1.0

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  1. Cramster911 says

    What is this, a bandwagon? This is such an irrational app.. What is this like then tenth one in a week? It’s built into BossPrefs so what more do you need..?

  2. William Shewfelt says

    hey brooke, you should do a review on Tap Tap Revenge, its the new update to TTR

  3. dude this application is already on BoosPrefs i think, at least it kinda does the same thing!

  4. this.app.is.stupid.
    it’s like the third or fourth app that has that options…