Vista Perfection Keyboard 1.0

Vista Perfection Keyboard Vista Perfection Keyboard is a keyboard replacement application. When installed, it will replace your stock keyboard. I did notice that when you are in the number/symbol view on the keyboard and then hit the Shift key to get more symbols, the more symbols keyboard does not show up correctly. And when in Safari, it shows half of the symbols (from the first symbols keyboard) on the first symbols keyboard and then the other half on the second symbols keyboard. So, you do not get any symbols from the second symbols keyboard. Below are some screenshots. I did not have any issues installing or uninstalling this application. When I uninstalled it, it went right back to my stock keyboard with no problem. You can get the Vista Perfection Keyboard through the BigBoss source.

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  1. Adriankenny says

    Did you restart then look at the keyboard, for me I have to restart.

  2. Adriankenny says

    hmm.. I’ll try to manually put it in.

  3. Really cool keyboard, too bad they didn’t finish it before releasing it..