AgileMessenger 1.0.16 – Multi Service Chat Application

AgileMobileThis is the mobile messaging application we’ve all been waiting for. AgileMessenger is a multi service chat application that includes ICQ, MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, Jabber and GoogleTalk. This application is smooth, works over edge or wifi, has tons of features, runs in the background more. Yes, running in the background is going to effect your battery but this can be changed in the Preferences. The interface is great and the tab feature works great.

My only complaint is the sound effects. The current sound is a little annoying and once a sound is made my audio becomes all muffled. It would be sweet if each service had their own original sound effect. I made a quick video to show you how great this really is. You can get AgileMessenger through the ModMyiFone source.

Watch “AgileMessenger” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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  1. rimigoca says

    i installed the version 1.0.18 and it´s not working, i can´t connect with msn or yahoo accounts

  2. Mine initially worked as well, on 1.1.3, until I hit exit (not home button)… Now it’s not connecting to any services. I get “All connections failed, switch to contact list?”. If I press yes, it takes me to an empty contact list, and if I press no, it takes me to my services list. No connection made.

    I’ve tried uninstalling, rebooting, reinstalling, then rebooting again with no luck. I’ve also tried re-entering my login information for all used services and it will not connect to any. Any help?

    • Hey!! Im having exactly the same issue …Did you find any way to fix it? Id appreciate your help!!

  3. I still can’t get it to work… Whenever I begin to enter my username for aol it crashes…. Help me Brooke

  4. When i downloaded it yesterday it was working fine but crashed a couple of times. Today it doesn’t connect at all. Sucks since it was a pretty cool application.

  5. Maybe its the Tmobile Web service. I have the 5.99 plan and can’t get it to work. Works fine over WIFI

  6. Never worked on my 1.1.4 iPhone. It always say either my username/pwd are incorrect, or saying “All connections failed”… Tried on Google Talk, MSN and Yahoo messenger. non-worked.

    So happy to see this coming out but I guess I had a false surprise without ever having it working.

  7. I can’t seem to view IMs that are over 3 lines. Anyone know how to? I get the first 3lines but all the others are cut off

  8. It seems to be working fine for me. I just tested Yahoo, GTalk n MSN. All 3 connected well… : )

  9. use it with ICQ and MSN accounts, works fine. but sometimes it lost the connection when it´s minimized or when iam on lockscreen.

    but i´ll hope in the future version i can change the sounds, they are quite horrible.

  10. hi all
    mine is 1.1.4 and always keeps saying package failed , so i can’t install it but ,if it’s working good , it will be fantastic program .
    i will wait.

  11. MSN didnt work for me indicating bad username/password. Tried over wi-fi and boom no problem signing in. Btw I’m on t-mobile with the full data plan. Also it crashed twice yesterday. Hopefully it was become more stable since it is the best one I’ve come across on the iPhone.

  12. Seems to be working ok so far for me. Really a great app. I hope it remains free.

  13. After a while, when i am in Chat the words that i send or receive dissapear and i can only see what they write to me only if i do a copy and paste on my keyboard. Does anybody else have the same issue?

  14. Does anyone knows if agile comes for the iphone 3g @ app store or it’s only possible with installer ????

  15. Its going to be $45 plus…bah.

  16. hi guys i have problems with this app, i installed and said fail to conect to msn service bad username/pwd then i uninstalled and instaled the update but the problem still is i tested on wifi and gprs and nothing
    do you have any idea how can i make it work
    im on firm 1.1.4

  17. updated 1.0.20 …now all my contacts list r gone……any idea?

  18. Hi all
    I did install agilemessenger , it’s nice , but sometimes crash and it doesn’t have voice chat , thats a pity , i hope they work on it a little more with more option .

  19. When i try to download the program from the Installer i just get an Error “Package download failed”, anybody has any idea how to solve this in order to be able to download the software and start using it. Btw, i’m on 1.1.4.

  20. sam says

    i got a problem with this app… everytime i try to sign in.. it says u have a bad e mail or password.. and am sure i put the right e mail name and password.. can some one help me plz?

  21. “Package download failed” for me to! :( :( :( and I have to refresh the source after trying becuse the loading bar is ceep running all the time and I cant do othing with installer other than refreshing sources! :S
    It only apperas when i try do download AgileMessanger, and yes, I have tried for 2 days now.. :/
    I have jailbroken 1.1.4 iPhone

  22. I’ve the same problem like Bosse before..
    also 1.1.4….installer says package download failed..
    i am trying it for circa two weeks now..please help =/
    it’s just agile messenger, everything else is ok

  23. How do you copy and paste on AIM?

  24. Where is the version that supports ipod touch and iphone firmware 2.01??

  25. how to install agile messenger if this app is not available thru installer?

  26. When will this be avaiable for the 3G we really need it.

  27. black_phantom says

    Does this work on firmware 2.0.2 (new

  28. freeurmind69 says

    WHATS GOING ON???… loved this app. but ever since i upgraded to 2.1 is NO Where to be found!! i know most apps. doesnt work with 2.0+ but when?? i need this app!! anyone feel the same about this??

  29. yeah… i want this app for 2.x :(

  30. Hi,
    I installed the services, the wifi is working in on/off, the egde is working but when i off the egde it’s coming back to on. Do you have some solution for this problem.

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