fring Add-ons Update

Fring Here is some information we received from the developers of fring.

The API and fringAdd-on are all about adding more value to fringsters; by opening up the fring platform and enabling 3rd party developers to bring almost any web services to mobile phones, we help enriching fringsters internet experience and adding value to the fring community.

The first flavors of fringAdd-ons are around social networking, videos and email notifications. As you can see in the screen shots below and in the YouTube clip fring users can already get Gmail notifications, vTap videos, interact with Facebook and Orkut buddies, with more to come.

For more information, check out their blog Also check out the demo video and screenshots below.

Demo Video:

Watch “fring demo” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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  1. Looks a bit slow and limited – I’d rather wait for Facebook’s native app they will release.

  2. Nice

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