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Tap Tap Revenge Thanks to DJContagious for this review of Tap Tap Revenge!! Tap Tap Revenge by Tapulous, is a remake of Nate True’s original Installer app, Tap Tap Revolution. Tapulous bought it off of him, so there are no legal suits involved here!

TTR is a FREE app in the App Store, under the Games category. The app is really nice looking, with everything functioning professionally and smoothly. When you open the app, you will a screen that says “Tap Tap”. That will soon expand to the Main Menu which includes the options One Player, Two Player, Tutorial, Download More Tracks, and Options.

One Player allows you to play by yourself in portrait mode. When you press it, you get the options; Easy, Medium, Hard, and Extreme Tracks…each with 2 tracks put in already (except Extreme, which only has one). When you select a song, a screen similar to the old TTR shows up with the song playing in the background. When you tap a note correctly, the line in which you tapped starts to “wiggle” in an electric way. When you miss a note, the iPhone vibrates (iPod Touch does not vibrate) and the word “MISS” appears in big red letters.

Two Player brings up the same levels of difficulty, except when you start “tapping”, you will notice another tap bar across from you.

Tutorial teaches you the basics of the app and how to play, for new-comers.

Download More Tracks allows you to improve your song database with more songs to tap to, however right now there are no available tracks to download, for any difficulty, so enjoy what you have. :)

Options brings up 2 options: Shakes and Tapulous Profile. Shakes allows you to enable or disable the tilt feature in game play, when you can tilt a certain direction instead of tapping the line. Tapulous Profile brings you to a screen titled “Identity”. Here you can enter a Username, E-Mail, and even attach a photo.

Currently there is a contest being held for TTR. If you enter an Identity, you can enter it. It’s a contest to see who can get the highest score in the entire app, and the grand prize winner gets $300! That’s a 16GB iPhone 3G right there! So if I were you, I would obtain this app, practice, and enter!
The only downside to this app is that you can’t tap to music in your song library, which was one of my favorite features in the past TTR’s.

It’s current version is 1.0.

So go and get Tap Tap Revolution by Tapulous today, in the App Store (wired or wirelessly!). Below is a demo video and some screenshots.

Demo Video:

Watch “Tap Tap Revenge” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Tap Tap Revenge Tap Tap Revenge Tap Tap Revenge

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  1. Woooaa, I just need for the dev-team to release bootneuter or something to unlock 2.0 :D

  2. We at Tapulous would love to be able to play the game to tracks in your iTunes library. We are just waiting for Apple to open up the media library and we will surely bring back this really popular feature.

    • thanks =D

    • I hope to see this game in Installer v4, with all the features.
      @ Andrew Lacy: can´t thank you enough for the price. One of the best games, maybe the best, in AppStore is priceless.
      You and Nate are grat men.
      Thx from Germany

  3. “The only downside to this app is that you can’t tap to music in your song library, which was one of my favorite features in the past TTR’s.”

    Can you please tell us how to do this stuff? I’ve been in a lot of forums looking for ways to use my itunes songs and download a corresponding “tap”, SSH that “tap” file in my TTR folder TO NO AVAIL. I can see the song but there were no taps; in fact there were no symbols that come down even if it doesn’t go with the beat. All I get is the song but not the taps.

    Please help a brother, Doug. Brooke?

    • Maybe you were creating new tap charts for your songs instead of the mode of playing the ones others have submited? I don’t know… but you don’t have to ssh taps in, they are available through the server that the game connects to.

  4. I upgraded without pwnage tool and I am unlocked with tmobile. i miss installer a whole lot though. :-( i downloaded a custom firmware and upgraded through iTunes.