Quordy 1.0.0

Available In: App Store       Price: $2.99  

QuordyIf you are familiar with Boggle…you will know exactly how to play Quordy! When you open the application, you will get the main play screen. Here you will be prompted to shake your iPhone to begin a new game…make sure you shake your iPhone for a few seconds, it doesn’t respond to just a short shake. You will then get the main play screen. The object of the game is create as many words as possible from the scrabbled letters. The words can be created by using any letters that are connected to one another…the letters can be across, down, up or kitty-corner from one another. To select a word, tap your finger on the first letter and then drag your finger to the rest of the letters in the word. As you drag your finger over the letters, they will turn blue and will display a line. The words have to be three or more letters long.

On the lower part of the screen you will see the amount of time you have left, how many words you have created, your points, your high score and all the words that you have created and how much they are worth. Three and four letter words are worth one point, five letter words are worth two points, six letter words are worth three points, seven letter words are worth five point and words larger than eight letter will give you eleven points. If you create a valid word, it will display in blue just below the game screen and will display how many points it is worth. If you create a word that is not valid, it will display in red with an X next to it. As your time goes by, the timer will change from green to yellow to red, your iPhone will vibrate quickly when there are ten seconds left until the time is up.

Once the game is over, you will get a splash screen with the options to Shake to play again or the option to Configure Online Play. If you set-up the online play, it allows you to challenge people in your contact list to a game of Quordy. One great feature of the game is that if you quit the game, when you go back into the game you get the option to shake to resume your game or the option to start a new game. This is a simple game with not a ton of features but, if you like Boggle…you will like Quordy.

Click here to download Quordy via the App Store.

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  1. Brooke,

    The ‘Challenge’ feature of the game is absolutely fantastic. When I was a kid, I used to play Boggle with my sister all the time ! Now, with Quordy, I can do that all over again and it’s fun times all over again even though she lives in another continent :)