Installer 4.0 Update

InstallerEven though the jailbreak for firmware 2.0 is now available, if you choose to upgrade and jailbreak…you will not see much. The only thing available in the jailbreak is Cydia with a few applications like OpenSSH. You will not even see Installer yet. Below is what the RiP Dev blog has to say about the progress of Installer 4.0.

As you surely know by now, Pwnage Tool 2.0 is out. And for now, it has no Installer 4.0 in it.

This is because we have decided to not release an undertested product into the wild – we don’t want any mess on the phone this time. So Installer 4.0 will come out soon… as soon as we’re confident it functions properly, we will release it – and trust us, we are not going to delay it for a long time.

Meanwhile, all of the popular tools that can’t get to App Store for various reasons will have to be redone for firmware 2.0 – mostly because the inner workings of the system (in large, the way user interface works) have changed a lot since 1.1.x, so it will take some time for the authors to update and test their stuff. We expect the Installer to be ready by the time there’s something to offer you.

A lyrical off-topic. Why Big Bear in the post title and what the heck has it to do with the rest? :) The answer is simple – every iPhone OS release has it’s own codename (the name of the volume on the disk image file containing firmware files). 1.1.4 used to be LittleBear, and 2.0, you guessed it, is BigBear. :)

Now what about Kate? It is 90% ported to 2.0 as of now and we are finishing the remaining work and then testing it – so expect it to be out for Installer 4.0 in a week or two. Of course, you will not have to purchase it again if you already did (and if you have changed your iPhone to 3G model, email our sales department and they will arrange the license transfer for you).

Thanks for your patience and support!

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  1. just updated to 2.0..
    and oh.. there’s no installer
    nice to know that it will come out soon,

  2. is this what will make my iphone to install any apps? =]

  3. can doug or brooke try uploading your custom boot images you used in winpwn. they pwnage 2.0 says it allows .png files up to 320×480, but i can’t get anything other than images the size of the pineapple to work, can you test it.

    • I got it to work I just had to meet the requirements as far as size and file type – I have a Large soccerball as my image.

  4. Im not even going to upgrade mine until probably a month or so whenever I can see a lot of the apps I have here. Im sticking with 1.1.4 firmware for now. Hopefully we would have installer and appstore on the 2.0 firmware.

  5. moconnor1986 says

    I just recently brought the 3G and i would like to know how can i get installer on there???? help any one???

    • You seem to have ignored the whole post. Read it and you’ll understand that Installer is not ready yet.

    • Did you read the post at all? Have you read anything that is being posted in regards to your phone???

      This makes me wonder about people. I don’t mean to be rude but it is annoying reading post like this. On the same thread too. Really learn how to comprehend.

  6. DJContagious says

    LIFE SAVER!!!!!!

  7. I got updated to 2.0 yesterday on my first gen iphone. Everything gone pretty smooth and btw cydia have not only openssh, i saw like 100 apps yesterday, maybe more.

  8. Yeah, even I saw a lot of apps. Just not sure, if they work… :S
    Hope Agile messenger gets ported soon

    • Numberzz says

      Why do you want Agile Messenger? AIM on the App Store is just as good, if not better.

    • Well the major I think he wants it ported is for the multi client support, which the last time I checked AIM didnt support msn, yahoo, or google talk. :P

      Im hoping MyMedia and islsk is ported soon :P

    • agile messanger runs in the background though.
      no app store apps can run in the background i believe.
      i dunno im sticking to 1.1.4 for now

    • AIM: i can only see next few:
      1) AIM
      2) mobile me
      3) .mac

      No msn, icq, jabber, etc!!!!!!!!

  9. But AIM on the App Store has ICQ, MNS, AOL, Yahoo, Jabber and GoogleTalk???


  10. lol im waiting to install new app but this site isnt updating about new app store apps i wonder why but hope they will as soon as possible (all the app or the important ones ) thx

  11. Any news about WordPress… ?

  12. Wait… You can’t download stuff on App Store when you’ve already had your iPhone jailbreak by Pwnage Tool??

    • yah u can still use the app store to download/buy apps as well as using installer/cydia (well just cydia for now as installer isnt out yet) to download apps when your iPhone is jailbroken.

  13. What about customize? anyone know whats happening with that app?

  14. I have not updated my iPhone to firmware 2.0 yet because I didn’t feel the needs to do it at the moment. I don’t need push mail, nor any of the crappy limited limitations Apps they have in the App store. 1.1.4 is fine the way it is, was. And the Apps that we normally used on 1.1.4 are still as good. My recommendation to most of you is to just sit still, and let the community sorts everything out and have a stable and efficient product that benefits and help us all with our iPhone.

    • tonyc311 says

      I agree. I have a 1st gen iPhone with software 1.1.4. I preordered a 16gig iPhone 3G from an AT&T store right by my job. My current iPhone still works great. And I have learned my lesson well with prematurely upgrading to new firmwares. I’ve become patient and reserved. My iPhone is jailbroken only as I am already an AT&T customer. I can wait for 3G. I figure by the time AT&T calls me to come get my 3G iPhone Installer 4.0 will be ready and some of the great Installer apps that I use now will hopefully be ready for 2.0 or 2.0.1 or whatever.

      If that is not the case I will just have to carry around 2 iPhones LOL. My 1st gen as a suped up iPod Touch with all my sweet Installer apps. And my iPhone 3G as my phone. Once the iPhone 3G is fully integrated with the Installer community and all the apps (or at least most of them) are compatible then I will cut loose my old friend the 1st gen iPhone. Meantime everything is smooth sailing. Still lovin’ my old iPhone and all its sweet apps! ^_^

  15. I dunno where to ask so I’ll ask it here.

    I have downloaded a few of free apps from App Store, and I can see them using Windows Explorer, as a .ipa file. I have sent it to my other computer and dragged to its iTunes, and it worked.
    So I was wondering if we could do the same with paid applications: download them from mirrors and import to iTunes.

    Would it work?
    Sorry if it is a stupid question, I haven’t got any paid app.

    • I purchased 3 games directly on my iPod Touch and then synced with iTunes, then connected my iphone and synced the games to the iPhone. Worked with no problems.

      Should this be the case? I wouldnt have though that i could have done this? Surely you must purchase the apps for each ipod / iphone?

      FYI: My iPhone is first gen, WinPwned and installed with custom 2.0 firmware downloaded from torrent site on Windows Vista. Worked a treat!


  16. i want this prog to comeout =] so i can use the progs that ppl made.

    thank you guys


  18. manuel p says

    until installer and agile messenger is not upgraded to 2.0 i wont neither

  19. thebaron says

    I will not mess with my original iPhone until pwnage 2.0.1 is a bit more stable, installer 4 comes out and is stable, and some other programs (iLiberty/Ziphone) release their updated (jailbreak/unlock/activate) applications for 2.0.

    I like a variety of choices just in case one hack goes well haywire. ;-D

    I also like to wait a few weeks to let things settle and see the issues people are having with the various applications in the app store and the 2.0 firmware bugs that have arisen.

    Firmware 2.0.1 is to be released shortly.


    Also, I picked up the Kensington Car Charger Deluxe for iPhone and iPod ($49.99-Apple Store). It is a sweet product for using your iPhone in the car and plugs into the car lighter with a nice cradle.

    Reviews Here –

    Check it out. :-)

    • folie à deux says

      What does that car charger have to do with anything said on this site? Are you just one of those who is paid to blog/advertise crap like that?

      And just to be fair, I’ll talk about something relevant…
      For people who don’t feel like reading into things (lazy people), Cydia is an open source “installer” that is far more superior to in many ways, but it is mostly used by developers (people who know what they are doing).

      I’m not a developer, (actually I’m a pharmacy student; irrelevant). From what I’ve read, other developers have hinted that installer may have seen the last of its days and will not be available on 2.0, ever. I actually find that very hard to believe but I don’t really know the intricacies of porting software over to a different firmware…

      I’m not trying to bash installer, in fact I’ve used installer along with Cydia (using fake BSD Subsystem) and it worked perfectly on older version of the firmware, and right now I have 2.0 with Cydia working perfectly with the app store. The only thing I miss is summberboard. But I’m sure it will come in due time along with installer.

      One last thing, does anyone know if is actually open source yet? I know they were claiming that it would back in the day, but I haven’t heard anything about the subject recently…

  20. Anyone of you can post here a list of apps available on Cydia for iPhone2.0? i have in my 1.1.4 only a few applications

    I want to know if in my case it worth do the update

    the apps most important to me:
    – mxtube
    – agile mobile messenger

    • theres absolutely nothing available via cydia yet besides a bunch of dev tools, nes emulator and bossprefs/poof. oh and macman.

  21. Have just updated to firmware 2.0.. Eagerly awaiting to have installer 4.0.. ;-)

  22. All I know is that I jumped the gun and upgraded to 2.0 and then jail broke my phone because some boozos told me it was the new installer. HUGE mistake. NOT only is it nothing like installer, I no longer have any of the apps I have become accustomed to in my everyday life. So I feel like I have just stepped back in time not forward. If for some reason installer does not come around how do I go back to earlier firmware, i know there is a way, but I am no computer wiz.

    • I am a small guy runing a small business; but you will need to uninstall all references to apple in order to install itunes 7.4/5 then you will need to neuter after you restore you firmware to 1.1.3
      That will allow you to downgrade to 1.1.3 and add jailbreak; but this is only!!!! for iphones prior to the 3g model this will not work for 3G! only the phones before 3G

  23. does anyone know how to get summerboard to function on 3g…?
    I have all of the themes and a bunch of instructions to configure springboard to function as summerboard; but I am lazy and want the easiest way.

  24. I have Installer 4.0 and Cydia on my new 3G iphone. Is there a source I can install which will have Agile Messenger?

  25. cydia

  26. Could someone tell me how you download them onto your iphone because im having trouble also with jail breaking my iphone? Thanks

  27. Can I test first

  28. Help me my cibiya is destroy