New iPhone 3G Commercials from Apple

Apple Below are three new commercials that Apple has released for the iPhone 3G. I will say that I’m not overly impressed this time around. They are ok. I’m totally bummed that they changed the theme song. I love the other theme song, it’s so cheerful!


Watch “Everyone” your iPhone or iPod Touch.


Watch “Unslow” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Work Friendly

Watch “Work Friendly” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

You can watch the original commercials HERE on Apple’s Website.

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  1. what im waiting for is the new ipod touch 2.0 commercials!!!

    • u might as well forget about it. With no new hardware features all their focus is selling the iPhone

    • they did it with the 08 upgrade!

    • I think they won’t be releasing the new itouch just yet, but will probably lower the price around the birthday of it now that you can get a 16 gb 3g iphone for the same price as a 8 GB itouch

  2. the first, everyone, is the unique commercial from apple/movistar in Spain…

    Movistar… the worst carrier ever seen!!!

    sorry for english! cya

  3. You know, I’m not very impressed with the 3G iphone..I just upgraded to a 16gb black….battery life is not that great. I do like the GPS feature…but basically it.

  4. Yeah that was very Meh… Mostly informational.
    I agree that the prev theme music was better.
    Thanks for posting :)

  5. half the price? Riiiight. If you do the math, the 3G actually costs 440$ and you don’t get a dock,which is another, what? 50$?

    It’d be interesting to get the 3g with an edge dataplan. I don’t need 3g, I’m always near wifi. Plus I tested my edge speed against a 3g in an apple store, it was not twice as fast. More like 25%faster. Wasn’t impressed at all.

    • ya the 3g speed really depends n that sucks for the customer bc they can just say what the FASTEST speed is n we may never be in the right location for that kind of speed. Btw, in America the dock is $30, the iPhone $200, n the plan $720 over the span of the 2 year contract

  6. I actually like it! :)

  7. William Shewfelt says

    I love the new song!

    And the commercials weren’t meant to be impressive, they were meant to get customers and gain publicity. I like them, though.

    AND THE SONG IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!