Aurora Fient Updated and back in App Store

Aurora Feint has been update to version and is back in the App Store. The update adds some new features and fixes quite a few bugs including the ones dealing with security issues. Below is a list of Security updates.

Privacy and Security Updates:
    • Visible notification BEFORE participating in the opt-in community feature.
    • All network communication is now securely encrypted using https
    • No data from your contact list is saved on your phone’s hard drive

Overall, it seems like the security issues have been resolved. I personally like this game and will continue to play it. Let us know in the comments what you think. You can also check out Aurora Feint’s forum for more info about the game. Also, for those of you who are not familiar with Aurora Feint, below is a demo video. It does not have any audio but you will at least get a feel for the game.

Click here to download Aurora Feint via the App Store.

Watch “Aurora Feint” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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  1. Yeah!! I’m glad they updated! This is a sweet game…and it’s free!!!

  2. I hate you guys. I managed to not know anything about this game, but after the two posts here I tried it out. I can’t stop playing it!!! I can’t believe it’s free. A lot of work went into it, and it’s a great way to spice up matching-items type game. I’m glad I did not buy bewejeled, since this will take care of that kind of game for me.

  3. This was very well handled by developers with good intentions making a bit of a blunder. Kudos to them.

    Also a very fun game, give it a go.

  4. frozenalien says

    Ah just found out about this one, a really lovely app, definitely one of my top 5 ^^

  5. it´s not working for me, after the update it doesn´t want to open anymore, i installed directly to the iphone or with itunes but nothing, any ideas

    • zatnuviz says

      well since each time you plug in your iphone@ìtouch the itunes makes a back up, of all your data and in some cases im not sure it also saves the saved games of your apps, then try by restoring it using the itunes option and then you will get it, other option will be to remove the app from the itunes menu of your iphone, and then install it again, i personally dont have any issues with the update. and good i love this game so much i love it

  6. Mke maddox says

    uh maybe I need to reinstall it says let’s go to the mine and I press ok. I see a map with 4 or 5 places but I can’t too anything. There seems to be touch feed back where ever I touch I like that part

  7. I have to agree w/ everyone else; this game deserves huge kudos.
    While I was playing today this game had a glitch. Instead of going to the level up screen after I filled the line at the top, it kept letting me play. While continuing to play, I had a huge bonus counter. I managed to take it past X 300 before my battery ran out.

  8. i think i want to update its not working on mine