WinPwn 2.5 Screenshots

As the developers of WinPwn continue to work on version 2.5 which is said to be, “a lot easier to use and should help a lot of people having issues,” they will continue to give us screenshots so that we can see the progress. Below are today’s screenshots.

WinPwn 2.5

WinPwn 2.5 WinPwn 2.5

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  1. appleiphoneschool is slow. its time to invest in some new servers!

  2. now that’s what I’m talking about! Very similar to pwnage XD

  3. lol, winpwn for first graders!!
    Cmon dev team! Were not THAT stuck!

  4. Looks like Pwnage Tool

  5. i just wish someone would figure how to fix wifi for home users using 2.0 firmware.

  6. Yeah it might be simple but for people who have just bought an iPhone for the first time looking to unlock it, its a completly simple and hopefully fool-proof way of jail breaking your fone

  7. I tried to jailbreak muy ipod touch 2.0 firmware with pwnage and it didn’t work. That was yesterday

  8. i gotta say its better than the plain version we’ve been having!!!

  9. It’s just beefing up the eye candy, as long as it still does the job it’s made for then sweeeeet.

  10. Can anyone answer me the part of WHEN WILL THE INSTALLER BE AVAILABLE? Also, by any chance do yall know if the phone is going to have the same space amount to download apps. i think 300MB is not enough.

  11. looks awsome will love this release

  12. oh and can i just say.

    to stop your itunes from doing a backup of the iphone, just click the “X” in the window at the top this will skip the backup process n continue with the sync

  13. I am not liking the graphics. Brighter colours would be better imo.

  14. anyone know if iphone browser works with winpwn? because ziphone didnt

  15. Ok i cant wait for installer no moe… Does cydia have the tzones hack and the swirly MMS?

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