Picture Messaging (MMS) Workaround

TextAs most everyone knows, one of the biggest downfalls of the iPhone is the missing picture messaging. I was reading through our forum and zachdrago had written how to send MMS or picture messages to AT&T users. I have done this before with Verizon but I thought it would be kewl to list all the services that allow for this feature. Basically the way it works is you put the person’s phone number before whatever domain name that company uses for picture or text messaging.

zachdrago’s instructions:

1) choose the picture you want to send, and hit “email photo.” 2) in the “to:” field type the person’s cell phone number followed by @mms.att.net. now send, it’s that simple. EX: 5552345678@mms.att.net

I’ll get a list started and as you let me know in the comments, I’ll add it to the list. Thanks zachdrago! Here’s the ones I know:

AT&T: @mms.att.net
Verizon: @vzwpix.com
T-Mobile: @tmomail.com & @tmomail.net
Sprint: @messaging.sprintpcs.com
Cingular: @mms.mycingular.com
Alltel: @message.alltel.com
Boost Mobile: @myboostmobile.com
Einstein PCS: @einsteinmms.com
US Cellular: @mms.uscc.net
Virgin Mobile: @vmobl.com

owen gives a tip in the comments below: an easier way. If in north America send to recipient@teleflip.com (5552345788@teleflip.com) teleflip will forward to correct carrier.

Thanks owen!

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  1. ive been doing this since day one..

    add this to the list

    xxxxxxxxxx@tmomail.com = t-mobile

  2. does this work if your running on T-mobile?

  3. thats great on sending mms but what about receiving them …. hi brooke ;)

    • Phil, Washington DC says

      yeah getting mms messages from friends is a must.

    • have them imput your email into there contact for you and they can email it to you.

    • SwirlyMMS!! you can send and receive. you get a free trial, then its $8.00 i think…. wich is worth it if you like to send pics. It is found in Cydia

  4. tmomail.net

  5. huh? is that similar way for mobile company all over the world?!

  6. I tried this with att and all it sends to its users is my email address and no picture, any others have this problem?

  7. oh ok and r u shure that will work the number then tmomail.com right

  8. an easier way. If in north America send to recipient@teleflip.com (5552345788@teleflip.com)
    teleflip will forward to correct carrier.

    • what’s that? i’ve never heard of that before. i guess i’m going to have to check it out. :3

    • zachdrago says

      i like that! it’s easier than having to know which company the recipient is using.

  9. Your right. This does work…However, unless I am mistaken, this method will not from ATT iPhone to another ATT iPhone since iPhones cannot receive MMS messages.
    Is there any work-around for this yet?

    • that’s correct, this is for you to send to non-iPhones.

    • Thats exactly what i was gonna ask , is it possible to send a mms picture from one iphone to another iphone both on att??
      anyone care to elaborate on this ??

    • thanx for clearing that up doug =]
      kinda sucks tho…wish there is some way to send mms to other iphones, i wonder why apple has not added a simple feature like that yet?? maybe not so simple to add? hmmm who knows

    • if you’re sending from and iPhone to an iPhone you could always just email it. thats the only way around receiving them.. (and i’m sure you all know this already, but i’m just commenting)

    • There’s no real need to send and receive MMS messages to and from other iPhone because we have the magic of actual e-mail. It’s receiving MMS messages from other phones that needs figuring out.

    • So….when recieving picture via email…how do you save it to your camera roll?

    • You can’t save it to you camera roll. That’s only part of what sucks about no MMS.
      Apple really dropped the ball on this.

      It’s a pain to:
      check email
      download new messages
      open email
      look at picture
      and you can’t save it to your phone

      It just plaen sucks

    • you can save it to your camera roll. Just put your finger on the picture and hold it there. A pop up will come onto the screen that says save image or cancel.

  10. So an iPhone still can’t receive them, correct?

  11. modmyifone has a list =p of all carriers for all contries. I’m on my iPhone so I can’t copy and paste a list or link

  12. just tried the teleflip to my wifes regular phone on AT&T and the message went through but the pic did not.

    • try the AT&T domain. see if that one works.. it does for me, every time!

    • that’s what I usually do. Just thought I would try this so I didn’t have to go through the list. Maybe the pic I used was a file not used by regular phones. Come to think about it, I did send a screen capture.

  13. this is old news! But good for mentioning it, there’s a whole guide and list of carriers at iphonehacks.com

  14. Alltel = xxxxxxxxxx@message.alltel.com
    Amp’d Mobile = xxxxxxxxxx@vtext.com
    AT&T = xxxxxxxxxx@mms.att.net
    Boost Mobile = xxxxxxxxxx@myboostmobile.com
    Centennial Wireless = xxxxxxxxxx@myblue.com (added by kcirrab-this is accurate for i have centennial)
    Cingular (AT&T) = xxxxxxxxxx@mms.mycingular.com
    Einstein PCS = xxxxxxxxxx@einsteinmms.com
    Nextel = xxxxxxxxxx@messaging.nextel.com
    Sprint = xxxxxxxxxx@messaging.sprintpcs.com or xxxxxxxxxx@pm.sprint.com
    T-Mobile = xxxxxxxxxx@tmomail.net
    US Cellular = xxxxxxxxxx@mms.uscc.net
    Verizon Wireless = xxxxxxxxxx@vzwpix.com
    Virgin Mobile = xxxxxxxxxx@vmobl.com

  15. SeijinZero says

    I think MMS is not a priority for apple because they are hoping to shift the focus of the market to being more reliant on smart phones and web applications. So, people will be needing to send myspace messages and tweets on twitter with their $30 data plan rather than a MMS on a $5 or $10 text plan. So in a year or 2, everyone will be saying, “remember when everyone used to send text messages?” Kinda like the way AIM was killed by texting and Myspace.

  16. 009053********@mms.turkcell.com.tr

  17. waht aboust sweden, anyone know?

  18. I did the att email address, and it seems that the message went trhough but with out the picture, so i tried another att phone and it worked. Maybe it only works with certain phones? or people who have certain plans?

  19. to send mms just use mms gateway from wireless provider, just google mms gateway for carrier

  20. here is a link that is nicely viewed on an iphone..

  21. I have tried this like 1000 times and nothing has happened I sent it to a AT&T phone and nothing and den I tried it with a tmobile phone and nothing happened help please?

  22. hola y para los usuarios de suncom se puede usar este programas por que no se que puedo hacer gracias

  23. UK o2

    o2 MMS settings

    The o2 MMS settings can be sent direct to your mobile. Go to http://www.o2.co.uk/services/ota4/select. Alternatively, the settings are:

    Access point name: wap.o2.co.uk (contract customers) or payandgo.o2.co.uk (pay-as-you-go customers)
    Username: o2wap (contract customers) or payandgo (pay-as-you-go customers)
    Password: password
    Authentication: Normal
    Data bearer: GPRS
    Gateway IP (proxy) address:
    Session mode: Permanent
    Port number: 8080 or 9201
    URL address: http://mmsc.mms.o2.co.uk:8002

  24. I just sent a pic from my iPhone to a razor and it worked! Unfortunately it keeps telling me that the pics are TOO BIG! Anyone else run in to this problem?

  25. So….when recieving picture via email…how do you save it to your camera roll?

  26. Does anyone know the address for Telstra here in Aus??

  27. Does anyone now the settings for Vodafone uk mms.

  28. Anyone know the address for Optus in Australia?

  29. Does anyone kno the address for O2??? Thanks

  30. This didnt work at all for me. I have and unlocked i-phone and I tried to send a message and the person never got it.

  31. To receive an MMS on an Iphone send a regular text to your friends and ask them to send you an MMS message to whatever email address you have set up on your iphone (I have two different Yahoo addresses on mine). When you receive the message, as long as you have “push” turned on for data, you’ll be notified you have email. open your email and there is the message. Also, if you select the picture in the email you receive you get the option to “save image” which will save into your folder on your Iphone camera application. One note, for some reason, this entire work around to send MMS from your iphone to cell phone does NOT work to send to a Sprint phone,

    • What do you do if the people who want to text a photo to my iphone don’t have the ability to send emails from their phone? I can’t figure this out! Thank you in advance!

  32. moi j’essaye avec mon iphone ( carte sim orange ) d’envoyer des mms sur un portable samsung ( sfr ) et la personne ne reçoit rien.
    Donc je me suis peut etre tromper ! que dois-je faire éxactement ?


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