AppStore Apps Crashing – Restore

AppStore It has been a few days since I have been able to catch up on iPhone news, as those of you who follow Doug or my Twitter know (ahhyeah and bporter), I’m not feeling well lately! Well today, I was taking a look at the list of 25 top free apps and was suprised to see one that I was very familiar with…Earth3D. Well, I installer Earth3D however, when I went to open it, it just crashed back to the SpringBoard. So, I decided to go try another application…which crashed as well. This is on my personal iPhone (not one of our test iPhones) so, it only has the AppStore and is not jailbroken. I did notice that I was having some issues last night while recording our video podcast but didn’t think anything of it. Well, it seems that ALL my AppStore apps are crashing, not a single app will stay open. So, after trying a few fixes, wishing my iPhone was jailbroken so I had SSH access and finally giving up…I ended up restoring. And like Doug, will be jailbreaking my 2.0.1 firmware using WinPwn I’m curious to know if anyone else has had this problem and if you were able to fix it or ended up restoring.

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  1. William Shewfelt says

    Chris Pirillo had this exact problem and he said it was fixed in 2.0.1. Have you upgraded to 2.0.1? Because that supposedly fixes this, along with most of 2.0’s issues.

  2. I had the same problem, first time I temporally fixed it restarting my iPod (it was on an iPod touch), but then i had to restore

  3. LordOfFlies says
  4. To fix them crashing problem ur supposed to delete all ur apps then resync then on

  5. this problem is caused by apples springboard updating program. havnt you noticed that springboard doesn’t restart and instead updates? you could have just restarted your phone and things would have probably been fine. you might have also had to uninstall and then reinstall those apps that are crashing. this is one of the reasons its nice to be jail broke, because all you have to do is press a button to restart the springboard with power tool or whatever. being jail broke on just 2.0 made everything bearable even typing lag was corrected by just hitting the restart button. i cant believe you can consider this news. i know you guys try to post about everything that happens in iphone world. but this is not news just someone misinformed.

    “There are no stupid people, only misinformed ones”
    quote by – me 2006

    • Dude, calm down. She was only wondering if other people were having the same problems. Once you have your own site that’s viewed by thousands people each day, you can do that too. In the mean time, stop being so agressive.

    • And I actually like to come here and read about everything. I don’t have problems with my apps crashing the phone, but now that I read about it here, I know not to freak out when it happens. So you see, thanks to AIS I am no INFORMED? I wonder how YOU get all your information if you don’t read it anywhere, since by your logic, this shouldn’t be news to ANYONE. I guess you must have a gift. Congrats.

  6. hey I had my 3g on 2.0.1 firmware jailbroken and yesterday the same thing kept happening (apps crashing) I fixed it by restoring with a custom firmware in winpwn Since I had saved the original custom firmware, I decided to restore with that. I DID NOT EVEN HAVE TO PUT MY PHONE IN DFU MODE!!!! So just restore it with a custom firmware.

  7. omg thought it was because my iPhone has been hacked. Apple seriously needs to fix this it’s driving me nuts


    I have the same problem it seems to happen more often in my ipod than in my iphone what i do is go to the apstore get a new ap and the rest start working again ,but sometimes it doesn’t work so i reboot my itouch using ireboot or my iphone manually since it is not jailbreak.To me it happens after i connect them to itunes

  9. oh, did i _ever_… this problem was almost enough to make me want to go back to 1.1.4, but i’ve been on jailbroken 2.0.1 since yesterday and it hasn’t popped up.

    the only remedy i found was to (using iTunes) uncheck app syncing and apply, then enable app syncing and letting it put all the apps back on. this would work for a while (sometimes hours, sometimes minutes) before it started happening again. not a very good solution in the long run, as i found myself repeating this exercise several times daily between the time i upgraded to 2.0 and the time i was able to get 2.0.1 installed.

    there was some theorizing on the apple boards ( that it might have to do with DRM when folks were using both the iTunes appstore and the iPhone appstore. at first my experience seemed to support this theory, but then it started happening even after i had made a point to not use the iPhone appstore for anything at all. also worthy of note is that while this was happening all of the apps i had installed via cydia had no problems whatsoever. i have yet to experiment with mixing iTunes/iPhone downloads since upgrading to 2.0.1, but if i get adventurous i’ll let everyone know what happens…

    good to know (but bad for you, brooke) that it doesn’t seem to be caused by jailbreaking…

  10. Yup, a restore with custom fw fixed my app crashing issues as well.

  11. Ned Smitty says

    Same here i had the same problem, but all i did was sync all my apps of my iPhone and then synced them all back on.

    All my apps work fine now.

  12. Michael M√ľnch says

    Well folks… glad you get aware of this problem.. and lets hope Apple will do so soon, too.
    Many users have this problem nevertheless if your phone is jailbroken or not or which version of firmware you drive or if you are ssh-ing ornot! This is a problem iTunes 7.7.1 does produce. Apps crash frequently and no iPod content will show up even if it is there.
    We tried lots of fixes and the only way to get rid of this problem is downgrading to iTunes 7.7. For sure it is even enough to use 7.7 app wit all the rest of itunes 7.7.1 installed.

    Go to this discussion thread for detailed info about the whole process:


    Michael (Germany)

  13. Hi:

    I got a similar problem, the apps were working but after I synced my phone, they started crashing.

    The fix is simple, go to iTunes, select Store and then Authorize computer. Sync again and your apps will be working again.

    • Yes, this worked for me. Easy solution. After activation and new sync everything is working again!

      BTW: I noticed then trying to reinstall on app a message that said about the computer not beeing activated or something similar.

      Thank you!

      Tatjana (Germany)

  14. I had this problem in 2.0.0 version of the firmware. I just restarted the device(Turn it fully off, and then turn it on) and all the apps worked.

  15. doug knowled says

    Brooke, you have run into the cieling on the max. Number of Apps &/or pages of icons that you can have on your phone. If you restore & reinstall all that is on there now it will happen again. If you also try to run your iPod you will find that your lobs are gone as well. They are still visiable when syncing a/iTunes but you can’t access them. The only fix at this time is to restore from scratch. If you restore from a previous backup you can recover your app data. Restoring a backup made after the crash is problematic.

    I sent you guys an email about it last week and asked you how many apps folk have installed.

    • doug knowled says

      ps. 2.01 does not fix this issue. Also the itouch has a much higher cieling.

    • i don’t think this has anything to do with the number of apps installed. early on in my troubleshooting i had removed all apps and started re-installing them 5-10 at a time and i still had this problem with only a couple apps installed.

    • doug knowled says

      number of apps/pages of icons has been confirmed to me by apple. It is related to memory usage and ultimate corruption of data. I have gone for over aweek without issues just by limiting my apps to 4 pages.

    • so, what’s the magic number?

    • well, until doug knowled lets us know what the magic number is and how he came by it (sources, please) i’m gonna stick by my theory that this has nothing to do with the total number of apps installed. i’ve had this problem with only 10 apps installed (far less than the 4 pages mentioned) and with around 80.

  16. Andy Zuniga says

    i REALLY had the same EXACT problem, this is what i did and it worked like a charm NO RESTORE NECESSARY!!!

    1. Open “iTunes”, make sure iPhone/iPod Touch is connected to PC/Mac.
    2. Open “iPhone/iPod Touch” Tab and navigate to the “Applications” tab.
    3. Where it says “Sync Applications”, uncheck the box to the left, and confirm in the next pop-up. Then hit “Apply” at the bottom left.
    4. iTunes will start to remove all apps from the iPhone/iPod Touch (Allow 10-60 Minutes according to the amount of apps you have installed)
    5. When finished, check the “Sync Applications” box again and allow a FULL, UNINTERRUPTED sync of apps. IF YOU GET A CALL DURING SYNC, REPEAT THIS ENTIRE PROCESS.
    6. Done! Now go play with your now stable apps!

    • wish it had been that effective for me. i was doing what you described 2-3 times per day until i upgraded to 2.0.1…

    • Does this mean you lose all the data that was in the apps? That seems like a horrible way to fix it. Or am I wrong about losing all the data.

  17. Frank Shay says

    YEAAAA, I’m so glad others have had the same problem I have had. I had the same problem for the last week, with all my my App Store apps. I took the phone to the apple store and they gave me a new one, only to have the same problem.. Restoring it did not help.

    Well today I did another restore and update to all my apps and so far it seems to work.. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    Good luck all.

  18. I had the same problem and restored many times. Even after using winpwn 2.0.2. I had to delete all my apps from iTunes. Then I manually deleted every app directly from the iPhone. It takes a long time even after clicking every “x”. Seems to queue them up. Monitor them from ssh. Now redownload all apps from iTunes. Good luck.

  19. Is there anyway to Restore your phone and Keep all your saved Games, like in Enigmo, Critter Crunch, or Dizzy Bee?

    • if you got them off the app store then when you restore it you would have already purchased the apps and when you finish restoring go to app store and look up those apps hit install and a message will pop up and say something like”you have already purchased this app the install it again for free hit continue” if this helps

    • no u hav to resync everything back… there’s no way around that if your restoring

  20. Troy Kistler says

    I have been having this same problem also. I have to restore my phone to get it to work again. Then a day later it happens again. Apple REALLY NEEDS TO FIX THIS! I now have my phone jailbroken and very limited apps from the app store. So far it seems OK.
    This is my 3rd iPhone 3g, They keep sending me a new one because they can’t fix it with me over the phone. It is getting really old.
    I am starting to NOT love my iPhone anymore.

  21. the App Store actually crashed my phone couple took me straight to the apple logo and then it just stayed there. 4 or 5 times now.

    i learned to always back up at least once a week. might go for a daily one now.

  22. I have this problem with Aurora Feint.

  23. it happened on my 3g 2.0 iPhone to fix it I just deleted the last app installed then installed a new one not the same app. Worked for me anyway

  24. andy is right,you have to do only your apps again.. i know for sure the problems begins when you have a bunch installed in once and then in the few days after you install some more .the other day one then 2 or something and then the problems appears ….. the first bunch wont start and crashes, but the newest will work fine. so delete trough itunesapplications all of them and put thme all together back, with no interuption….. then everything is fine, but begins from the beginning…the newest ones will soon be crashing….etc.!!!! hope apple will fix this soon!!!!

  25. This happened to both me and my wife. I thought it was because we were using the same iTunes account, but I’m glad to know that is not the case. I haven’t updated to 2.0.1 yet, but I will today and see what happens. I finally got mine to work after a restore, but my wife’s phone still does not work. This is really stupid and I hope apple fixes this problem since so many people are having this problem.

  26. Exact same problem here. Also with a ‘pristine’ iPhone.

    Tried to switch off/switch on several times, but the apps still crapped out.

    Will now try some of the hints here. Not good that this happens in such a device.

    Last week I noticed that suddenly all my telephone numbers and email addresses disappeared out of my synced contacts.

    Seems I go from one problem to the next. Not impressed!

  27. Happened to me, restored, happened again. =( I’m calling Apple tomorrow.

  28. Snehal Bhawan says

    Hi guys you dont have to restore or restart your phone or anything like that, it happened to me twice already, just choose a appstore application that you havent played alot so you dont lose any progress, using itunes uninstall it and then install it again just one app thats all you need and all the other apps will work again.

  29. Same problem and now if I tap appstore it’s take me to german appstore insted of the UK one…

  30. if you dont have ssh, the program “iphone browser” should help. as far as i know its open source and quite new aswell.
    works like a charm, even though its beta.

    you should make an article about that program!

  31. virtualinsanity says

    i had this problen too
    all apps crashed to springboard
    to fix this -i dowload and install one FREE app from appstore
    and reset phone – now everything is ok

  32. That happened to me to, I just restarted my phone and it worked fine

  33. i just deleted the crashing apps and reinstalled then. It worked for me!

  34. Frank Shay says

    Ok, my finger crossing did no good. Nothing in the helps above works..

    The only thing I can’t try is to downgrade to iTunes 7.7 for Mac.

    How/where do I find the old software?? HELP!


  35. I had the same exact problem.. It has happened to me twice so far since the day I got the iPhone. The only way to fix it is to do a full restore.

  36. Okay, maybe I got lucky. It just happened to me and I was thinking of a full restore, but decided to try the App Delete method from iTunes.

    As a test, I deleted only 1 of my paid apps from the phone and i re-synced it back, so it installed again. ALL my other apps are working fine now.

    So thats something, you can try before deleting all the apps and re-installing. Just delete 1 and re-sync back, maybe I just got lucky :D

  37. The problem is the upgrade of cydia, whenever updates the cydia happens that error. I have restore several times due to this, now after I restore install openssh cydia but not upgrade.
    sorry for bad english.

  38. All my appstore apps are crashing! Tried a restore, still not working. All native apps still work tho! Help me!

  39. Frank Shay says


    The problem seems to be with iTunes 7.7.1 on a Mac at least.

    If you downgrade to 7.7 there and do a restore there are no problems.

    Here is a link to 7.7 for iTunes.

  40. well i dont have any problems with it with my ipod touch 1.2 updated to 2.1 so maybe depends on version of the equipment, also i have itunes 7.7.1 on windows, no probs here

  41. It is different in my case. It happened after I installed Mobile Enhancer from Installer 4 Beta and after I removed this, appstore apps started to work again.

    Next day it happened again although I was pretty sure that Mobile Enhancer was not installed but it became a big surprise to me when I found it there in my Installed programs list of the Installer. Appeared to be that it is one of the requirements of ‘Kate’ which I did install later. And the new feature of Installer of installing these dependencies applications without my authority or knowledge is kinda good but at the same time very problematic as you may not find out what causes the problem unless you pay extreme attention to everything that you install or you get lucky by discovering this by chance like what happened in my situation.

  42. so today it hits me also! Appstore apps crashing after start.
    Tried to reboot, shutdown,… Nothing works.
    My solution was, open appstore on the iphone and install a NEW free app. Installations looks weird. Hit the install button, type my itunes pass but appstore stays open. I wait a bit and change the tab then went back to my app that i tried to install. Now it shows me “installed”.
    Back to SB open it, works. The other apps also working fine.

    Why? In the morning i installed an oracle update in cydia, think cydia corrupt the permission of appstore apps. A new app install will fix the permissions.

    Try it and tell me if that fix your problem.

  43. delunajaime says

    all my appstore apps don’t work. i tried downgrading back to 2.0 and they still don’t work. ive restored it so many times but it dont work

  44. I have solved this porblem… delete ur latest 3D app, then reinstall it. THIS WILL FIX THE PROBLEM


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