WinterBoard 0.9.2520-2

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Winterboard The update to WinterBoard 0.9.2520-2 makes some significant changes to the how the application works. When you open WinterBoard you will notice that you now have the ability to move files around using the three bars to the right of the files. You can also choose more than one file. Now, here is where it can get a little tricky.

The files take priority based on which file comes first. So lets say you have added a few files to Winterboard and they include, a file that is a transparent dock, a file that is a pink status bar and a file with your favorite theme. If you choose your theme file but, your theme doesn’t have a transparent dock and you prefer if it does, you can choose both the transparent dock file and the theme files. You would then move the transparent dock file before your theme file. That way the transparent dock would overwrite the dock that come with the theme.

Here is another example, lets say that you have installed a theme via Cydia but would like to change the theme so that it has a pink status bar. You can go into WinterBoard and select both the pink status bar file and the and theme file. Then, just move the pink status bar file above the theme file and it will overwrite the status bar of the theme.

I know…a little tricky but it does make customizing your iPhone a little easier. I also noticed that there were a few more files added to WinterBoard; User Wallpaper, Transparent Icon Labels and Black Navigation Bars. The User Wallpaper file will use whatever you have selected as your wallpaper via your camera roll. If you select this file and put it before your theme files, it would be similar to turning of the theme wallpaper in SummerBoard. The Transparent Icon Labels files will turn off your icon labels and the Black Navigation Bar I would assume would change your navigation bar to black, but it doesn’t work for me. The only file we need now is a transparent dock file.

There are a number of possibilities with the update to WinterBoard and I would love to hear some of the ways you have used the update to customize your own iPhone or iPod Touch….just write them in the comments.

Note: To set your new files, just tap your Home Button. Your iPhone will respring and the files you have selected will take affect.

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  1. I’m loving the new Winterboard. I was missing the fact that I couldn’t turn off the icon text. Not as many features as customize (which is a bit overkill), but an easy way to theme your iPhone. See what I mean:

  2. Thanks for explaining that Brooke. I was checking things off earlier today and was wondering why nothing was working right.

    • No problem at all…it is definitly a little tricky to figure out!

    • and u can have now a video background using winterbord just you have to do is make a folder named wallpaper.png and put a mp4 video inside look for it in winterboard and reboot and you gona have a nice background!!! Enjoy!

    • folie à deux says

      You can also have a web page as a background. You just need “wallpaper.html” in your theme folder. I currently have the fadein/out alternating between 5 different backgrounds

  3. this is a pretty cool update. i think winterboard is gonna get more popular now that it’s easier to use. i haven’t been using it much lately, but i’m definatley gonna start now! thanks Brooke!

  4. Great work Brooke ! I used it earlier and obtain what I wanted, I realize now, only by luck ! I had no idea about these features !!!

    How did you figure this one out ? LOL Many thanks again ! Hope you are feeling better !

  5. to make a transparent dock file is easy make a copy of any theme rename then edit the dock and wallpaper files in photoshop, save the dock file as a transparency and wallpaper to any image.
    thats how i figured how to make transparent dock, i made a dark knight theme which is awesome

  6. I’m so happy. I just changed the transparent label to only affect the dock apps. Now my mod leaf theme is exactly how I like it.

  7. treadeater says

    how do I create a file for winterboard to make transparent icon labels?

  8. why can’t i find winterboard in my Cydia?? any idea?? i’ve ben looking and reloading the “featured packages” but no luck and i go to search and i can’t find it either!!

    • hey maybe you haven’t added the source, honestly I don’t remember which one is it but… Go to the sections tab and find “repositories” and install all of them, one of those has got to be.

  9. i have all the repositories installed, yesterday i could see it but it could not be downloaded and today it’s gone!!

  10. you ought to try the surprise theme that just came out. it is awesome.

  11. theres grest stuff coming out for winterbosrd, to see winterboards potential go into the themes springboard section of cydia

  12. so nobody has ANY idea why i can’t find it on my cydia??? was it taken out or something?? can someone comment on that please??

  13. Bear in mind winterboard is summerboard’s sister program, so summerboard will be on the same par as winterboard IF it ever gets re-released for 2.0

    • BHSPitMonkey says

      No; WinterBoard is an open-source REPLACEMENT for SummerBoard, which is unlikely to ever be ported. On top of this, WinterBoard is already more powerful than SummerBoard ever was.

  14. I have updatedto this version but for some stance reason I have a file called .ds_store in winterboard.

    Does anybody know what this does?

  15. I did a 2.01 jailbreak and reinstalled winterboard, however the themes fail to work now, any ideas?


  16. me 2….neither does winterboard work in my iphone 2.0.1. I’ve tried rebooting the phone after installing, but it doesn’t work and so does reinstalling. Anyone can solve this problem?

  17. any idea if there going to add the feature when you can keep the stock icons instead of the icons that come with the downloaded theme like on SummerBoard!?

  18. on my iphone 3G I have Cydia installer, but I do not see winterboard anywhere.

    AM I missing some setting or software on the phone to make this happen? thanks

  19. Is there a setting for a transparent clock bar on the lock screen?

  20. please, what source do I have to add in cydia to download winterboard app.


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