WbApp 0.72

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WbApp is a new application available in Cydia through the ModMyiFone source. It is an app that basically tries to add some sort of user interface in conjunction with WinterBoard. When you open the application you will get an alphabetical list of all the themes you have installed in WinterBoard. There is also the option to change the list so that it is based on the type of theme…either WinterBoard or SummerBoard. If you select a theme, you are will get a preview of what the theme looks like (though the preview only worked on about 60% of my themes) and the option for a few WinterBoard Settings. You can get to the Settings by tapping the image or by selecting the icon in the upper right corner. There are five options in the Settings; the ability to turn on/off the Black Navigation Bar, Time of Day (Time of Day wallpaper set), Transparent Icon Labels, User Wallpaper (this would use your wallpaper instead of the theme’s wallpaper) and the ability to Install the theme.

I had no problems using this application, all the features work like they should. However, it does cut down on the customization ability of WinterBoard. This is because you are only able to select one theme and then mod it using one of the four option in the Settings. Where as in WinterBoard, you can select many themes and then move them around to create the look you would like. As much as I would like to see WinterBoard have a nice user interface, I’m not sure this one is quite it…though, a good start. Let me know in the comments what you think of the app.

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  1. not really usefull if you are killing the most powerfull and important feuture of winterboard…

  2. this is worthless right now, a good app to work with winterboard should bring the interface of summerboard. thats what this developer should be working on

  3. Adriankenny says

    Good idea, but Sauriks doing a great job for now!

  4. If this idea can be added to WinterBoard as it’s UI without losing any of WinterBoard’s features then this is perfect, it’s time we had theme previews outside of Customize.

  5. It’s a great concept! I admire the developer and I played with it, so I agree with one of the other posts that it would be a great start for a Winterboard GUI!

  6. i hate cydia. it just so disorganized and not user friendly. whats going on with installer.

    • Cydia seems well organized and user friendly to me. I don’t think we will see Installer working properly for a while yet. Jay will make it available for download in Cydia when it is ready!

  7. i’ve installed WbApp but do i delete winterboard or just leave it there?

  8. I think this app is awesome! now i can use my own wallpaper and i can add a lot more settings to my themes cheers

  9. Ahmed sanad says

    I cant add source and i found wbapp but cant install it