Illuminated – WinterBoard Theme

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard Illuminated is a WinterBoard theme available via Cydia. This is one of Doug’s favorites themes. It is similar to the Time of Day theme that I wrote about a few days ago. Illuminated also changes your wallpaper based on what time is it. However, I actually like the look of this theme a little more than the Time of Day theme and it changes more often. In the Illuminated theme, there are eight wallpapers which means they change every three hours. The wallpapers represent the time of day, displaying a sun or moon that moves around your iPhone or iPod Touch’s screen. See screenshots below.

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  1. I have this theme and its awesome. But I was wondering if there is a way to re-arrange the pics, so the “sun” and the “moon” would rotate in proper way around the screen. For example, mornings “sun” would be in lower left corner, then moves up to the middle (again on the LEFT side) and so on. What I have right now, is vice-versa.
    Anyone any ideas ?

    • here is my sequence based on screenshots posted by Brooke. Disregard first two shots with “Details” and “Home Screen”.
      X X 5
      4 3 2
      1 8 7

    • Doesn’t it just depend upon whether you’re facing North or South? If you look North, the sun AND moon traverse right to left – face South, and vice-versa! I mean in the real world – I don’t think the app can tell which way you prefer to look :)

    • Sun rises from the east and sets in the west. Maybe I’m picky, but kinda wanna follow rules of the Nature at least in this regard.

      Any ideas? Maybe I can SSH?

    • I installed this theme but I DONT HAVE THE ICONS!!
      I only have te wallpaper?
      I would love the icons ..

  2. wow i just switched from time of day to this …this one rocks!

  3. pathfinder3 says

    After downloading and checking it out, I still prefer Time of Day. Illuminated has that fantasy feeling while ToD seems to be more earthy.

  4. it´s nice , but idon´t like the dock , and cannot change it

    • What don’t you like about the dock? I haven’t checked. but I am sure you can SSH in hatever one you like. I SSH’d in the transparent dock when I had Fresh (another great theme based on another great theme Leaf).

  5. How do you take screenshot on FW 2.0.1?

    • Same as 2.0 – hold down the top “power” button then quickly tap the “home” button.

    • Thanks

    • btw u can also hold home and tap the power button lol

    • Cool – I did not know the reverse was an option – thanks! Now I can just do it either way – one less procedure to worry about the exact sequence, now my brain has more room for other things (i need all the room I can get) :)

  6. Been using for a few days…..possibly the best theme on the iphone….it’s convinced a few friends to jailbreak there’s!

  7. how do u get this onto ur iPhone or iPod touch? I’m a noob at this so if anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it!

    • download winterboard via cydia then download this theme
      then exit cydia and launch winterboard and check its name off in the list

    • if ur already jailbroken then its that simple but if not then u cant do it! stock iphones suck

  8. your iPhone has to be at least jailbroken first, so you can install 3rd party apps. you’ll need Cydia and then whole new story begins

  9. at certain times of day it’s almost impossible to read icon names, especially at “noon”…

  10. Iain Connor says

    Hey everyone,

    I’m actually the creator of this theme. Thanks for the comments. Glad to hear people are enjoying Illuminated.

    After using the theme myself for a couple of weeks, I agree with some of the criticisms that are outlined here and I’ll try and make a few mods/updates and have a new version out early next week.

    For those of you with Twitter, you can follow me/get updates to the theme by going to

    Thanks again to for the publicity!

    • iphonejunky says

      Iain..your theme rocks..cant wait for updates!! Recomending this one to all!! keep it up

  11. I can’t see it in my cydia

  12. it is still morning for me at 21:00 :) not working right.

  13. I have been mashing this theme with the illuminous icons, and it looks great, Is it possible to change text color based on time as well, like on the light backgrounds change it to black or darker than white, and on the dark backgrounds go to white?

  14. Just to let you guys know that they updated INSTALLER 4.0 and the Community Sources.

  15. already asked in a previous post and not just me but some other guys as well! BROOKEEEEEEEE CAN YOU TEEL US WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE PINK ICONS FROM?!?

  16. Dear All,

    I am currently running firmware 1.1.4 and is WinterBoard compatible with it?? I have downloaded Cydia from my installer but I can’t find WinterBoard application anywhere!!!
    Can anyone enlighten me and help me with my problems?? Thanks in advance…..

    • I have noticed with this and any other screen changing themes that it crashes some of my apps during play. Just wondering if this is an issue that has been happening to others?

      iPhone 2G 2.0.1

    • Winterboard is not available in Cydia 1.1.4. You will have to upgrade to 2.0.1 or 2 to have Winterboard in the new version of Cydia…..

  17. Kaiks reply on August 19, 2008:

    I have noticed with this and any other screen changing themes that it crashes some of my apps during play. Just wondering if this is an issue that has been happening to others?

    iPhone 2G 2.0.1

    (sorry posted wrong place 1st time)

  18. yes. It’s eema that winter board or this theme is slowing Down my iPhone and making safari and my apps crash. I thought it was just me so I didn’t want to complain. LOL. I have a 1st generation jailbroke 2.0.1.
    Anyone else having this problem. And does the problem lay with winterboard or this theme?

    • Rich,
      I am running a Gen.1 jailbroken phone on 2.0.1 and Winterboard or Illuminated does not slow my phone down at all…

  19. Hi. In which category can I find Winterboard in cydia?

  20. really quick question… where can i modify the files? wheres the directory? (SHH)


  21. OK! Now that i realize you need to upgrade to 2.0 and everything I’ve read said DON’T, I’ve installed Cydia and now I cant uninstall. The oly only option is to reistall it. HELP!!! Please.

  22. Great theme and mixes very well with Radiance Icons also. I am however experiencing the same issues as above with crashing apps and slowdowns that appear to be caused by the changing of the background. I’m also not a big fan of the midday image, its too bright.

    Apart from those two points it is a fabulous piece of work.

  23. I had this theme before I saw this site, and its by far my favorite, the rotation is accurate and its just refreshing.

  24. Just a heads-up that people are still enjoying your theme. This is pretty bad!!

  25. Is there any way to change the timing? Can someone tell me how? Sun is down by 6pm in my country.

    • If you SSH into the iphone, go to Library/Themes/Illuminated you can alter the script there to change the timing (or order) of the backgrounds.

    • em, any idea on what codes to input to adjust the timing/order? looking at the script and i can’t figure out if what i need to edit is even in there =\

  26. hi,
    i tried to download illuminated, but it says the size is mismatched… Can someone help me plz? it also happened when i tried to download leaf theme,

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  28. Hi people!

    I have always loved this theme but it used to crash my 3G. I’m gonna try it on my 3GS but I was wondering if any of you had the original JPEGs, without the transparent dock image.
    It’s nice but not so much with a 5icons dock :(


  29. Treacerhype29 says

    Yet Another new Member here. i must say love

  30. how do you get the pink app icons?

  31. Can you tell us more about this? I’d care to find out more details.

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