Cydia Video Review

CydiaCydia is an application that allows you to install programs that Apple does not allow in the App Store. To install Cydia you must jailbreak your iPhone. See our Jailbreak Page for more info. Once you have Cydia you can install all kinds of apps, most of them for free. Check out this video to see how Cydia works and see some examples of what kinds of apps are available.

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  1. …very “enthusiastic” review :D

    Overall, a nice presentation of most features Cydia offers.
    Do you consider the mentioned “bug” a bug of Cydia or Snapture?

  2. when will the new version for jailbreak will come? out I have 2.2 stupid me accidently upgrated so I really need the new version


    • it already is. the iphone dev team came out with it like a week ago. go get it at (windows)

  3. Hey Doug,

    Where did you get that flashing apple. I think I like it. ;-)

  4. I don’t know if it is just me, but Cydia kinda appear out of nowhere one day and I have no idea how to get it into my 1st gen 1.1.4fw jailbroken unlcoked and activated iPhone.

    I currently have Installer though.

  5. Cool, but this review came late

  6. i have an ipod touch, can i jailbreak it on 2.0.2 or is it just for the iphone, if i can which one do i use. thanks

  7. Hey Doug,

    I notice you have the notify icon in the top left hand corner of the phone. I remember having that on my 1st gen iphone. But i cant find another like the old one.

    By chance do you remember where you got that and where i can get it?



  8. Wheres iphone 101 ep 11 :( you said 2 weeks

  9. hey, guys, i just need a quick question answered so I know this isnt a rare problem, ieverytime I nistall something from cydia or installer, my regular app store apps wont open unless I restore.

  10. Hi There

    Unfortunately I upgraded my 1.1.4. 2G iPhone to 2.0.2
    Is there any way I can retract that stupid move of me?
    All my favorite Apps are gone.
    Can’t use Touchpad Pro, Orb, Fring, MMS, Converter and a whole lot more.
    Please Douge help me on that one.

    By the way I do like your site a whole lot very informative
    Thanks both of you.

    Greets from small Switzerland

  11. @ Matt : They got lives too… So, Doug made a wish for the 2 weeks iphone 101… And I know for sure that he didn’t forget…

    Just be patient and be HAPPY that they are doing what they do !

  12. Hey Doug

    im still on 1.1.4 and i feel so left behind…can i upgrade to 2.2 and unlock and jlbreak? Is it aafe or should i keep waiting?

  13. There is now a 5 icon dock in cydia without Kate. Called ” five icon dock” and it’s free

  14. Not very excited, or impressed yet. There is simply not enough to work with here. I think I can speak for the majority of iPhone users when I say that I can’t wait for the hacks and cracks, and also some of the more practical and useful apps. Perhaps, then I would upgrade, but as of now, my 1rst gen. 1.1.4. iPhone is kicking any 3g or any 2.0’s butt to a pulp. And as far as the App store is concerned, I along with most people feel like it is a huge embarrassment and let down. Every time I look at updates on app store, I cringe because I know I’m gonna see more plain ol’ dumb apps. Crappy apps like that one that makes animal sounds when you shake it, or useless little toys and games, like the DJ scratch pad only confirm the fact that I will not purchase a 3g or even upgrade to 2.0 until all the good apps are available and until most of them are hacked or cracked. For now, I am very pleased and proud of my superior 1rst generation iPhone, and I’m sure 2.0 and higher will someday be exciting, but for now, it’s just kinda lame….

    • So monkey ball, crash bandicoot, enigmo, toy bot diaries, koi fish, etc. are bad games? Wow….

    • Some of the games are really great, I just wish there was more quality apps and less junk apps like the animal sound app. I think 2.0 is making pretty good progress though, all hating aside, and I will be upgrading eventually as soon as more of my favorite apps are available.

  15. I only say that 1.1.4 is still ahead because it still has apps and such that 2.0 is lacking. 2.0 does not have all the emulators yet or some of the more practical apps. Even though nothing is being made on 1.1.4 it is still superior in many ways beacause 2.0 has not caught up with the apps, and what sucks is temporary apps like ‘election’ cost money when you can just google that crap for free! 2.0 is still not as stable or complete and that’s why 1.1.4 is still the winner for most people. Even someone earlier said they ‘unfortunately’ upgraded to 2.0.
    People say these things for a reason. I’m not saying I’ll never upgrade, but I do want it to be worth my money when I finally do.

  16. hi
    how can i install cydia?
    i have an unlocked iphone 3g

  17. After i jailbraked my 3g iphone. I start downloading from cintia bunch of apps. In couple days later. The phone start acting and the keyboard for phone would be frozen and can not unlocked. The phone would act just fine with download apps but the phone buttons would freeze and couldnt use the phone future. This happend twice. Is there any perticular reason and what is Do’s and Donts please somebody help. Thanks whole bunch.

  18. is there any way where i can install downloaded applications to my jailbroken ipod without using cydia? i downloaded some games in torrent but it just don’t install in my ipod touch using itunes.

    by the way, jailbreaking is really easy using that blackrain software. i have zero knowledge on jailbreaking but i when i tried for the first time, i succeeded. my itouch is now jailbroken. but, now what? what do i need to do next.

  19. killerbee1026 says

    Do you need to be conected to the net for cydia to work

  20. Praful Mahajan says

    I am little bit confused , that if i want to install an app which required to jailbreak my IPhone, for that i have to install Cydia.. but to install Cydia i have to jailbreak my Device…….is it correct