New WinterBoard Themes

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

#WinterBoard Just yesterday I was writing that I couldn’t find a WinterBoard them that I liked and then voilà…today there is one! There are actually two that I am going to point out. One because it is unique the other because I set it as my theme!! I had a chance to look at a few of the themes you guys have suggested in my post from yesterday. Hopefully, I get a chance to look through all of them and do a post about the ones that are really cool!

Two of the themes that were released today are Crump and Vivid. Crump is definitely a unique theme, I have not seen one quite like it. Vivid is the theme I am currently using and it is a little more on the girly side. But, if you like the icons you can always use a different background with them! I personally really like clear icons because I can change the background and it is like having a whole new theme!! Below are screenshots of both the themes.

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  1. Wow Vivid does look neat! : )

  2. the crump theme looks awesome!! :D

  3. DJContagious says

    i really like Crump.

    is there a good amount of icons for it?

  4. once again i really like vivid but my main icons notepad, etc use the default icons from other themes and look like crap/ even the music and video icons are still stock…. Ill stick with deep for now.

  5. Does vivid has an icon pack ? I’m missing quite a few ! :(

  6. I really like the Vivid theme also. You can check dim wallpaper on Winterboard and set your own wallpapers as background. You can come up with some great looks….

  7. Its okay. Ill stick to Buff.

  8. I have been having serious problems with my iphone apps being slow after jailbreak. I did a re-break and then installed applications one at a time. I found that after installing then uninstalling WinterBoard had made a difference. When I had winterboard it took 4 secs for SMS to come up but after uninstall it was only 2.

    Anyone else experiencing these problems?


    • There is no doubt about it Winterboard slows your iPhone down a bit and causes your apps to crash instead of using the lovely effect of minimizing and sending you back to the home screen when you hit the home button. But you gotta admit it makes your phone look a whole lot sexier with it installed. I just hope Saurik realizes these issues and gets it right in the future bug fixes of Winterboard…

  9. Cant find crump…

  10. Aqua Dublavee says

    what is the easiest way to make all of my icons convert to the icons of any theme I have? Also, how do I make it so I can have the user background displayed no matter what theme I use. Sorry if none of that makes sense but that’s the best way I can explain what I mean while typing on my iPhone haha!

  11. Could you remove this,posted on wrong thread :)

  12. is there an add on icon pack for vivid?

    When will we see the crack for the new touch – I will be getting my new one on Tuesday (need to wait for Best Buy to stock). Will be selling my old one (16GB) with case for $250

  13. Awesome the Crump Theme, but I have a problem. The “Notes” icon doesn’t change. I have the same problem with Stereo’s Leopard Theme. Also, I have installed others Themes like iWood Realize, Illuminous and A Touch of Class and with those I doesn’t have any problem. What can be wrong? My iPhone is a 1st. Generation 8GB

  14. Sorry about that, but we need very urgently to contact the administrator There has not been able to find the feedback. Thank you!

  15. tcam8698 says

    how do you apply the winter boards

  16. Pude instalar snowboard de themes pero no puedo con crump… cómo lo hago, ya lo instalé desde cydia y nada… soy novisimo en esto

  17. Pude instalar winter board sorry de themes pero no puedo con crump… cómo lo hago, ya lo instalé desde cydia y nada… soy novisimo en esto


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  19. I installed Crump but none of my app icons changed. They’re the original look that is on a standard, un-jailbroken iphone/ipod/ipad. I even downloaded the addon for extra app icons and they’re still original.
    So why didn’t they change and how do i get them to?
    ——I’ve tried reinstalling & waiting excessive amounts of time.
    ………I have the Iphone 4, 5.1.1