Wifi Blobs

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

winterboard Haha…I saw this in Cydia and just had to check it out! WiFi Blobs is a mod that changes your WiFi signal strength bars to these little “blobs.” The “blobs” are made up of three colors; green, yellow and red. If you have full WiFi signal, you get all three colors. If you have a decent WiFi signal, you will get the yellow and red blobs and if you have a low WiFi signal you will get only the red blob. I honestly think they are kind of cute. They don’t really fit with my theme but, if you have a theme they will work with…you might want to check them out!

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  1. Hello Brooke,

    What WP plugin do you use to have [visit the site to read more] in your RSS feeds? I am plooking for such a plugin and can’t find it anywhere.

    Let me know.



  2. whats the theme you are using? i really like it!!!


  3. Hey Brooke.

    Are you using Kate (for the speech bubble in the Status bar) because I am and it’s the exact same.

    My other question is, what are you using as your mail notification icon?


  4. Hey John/Brooke, back to Andres question about how to put the wallpaper, I can’t seem to change mine, even after selecting “user wallpaper’ and ‘user lock background’. I downloaded some nice wallpaper packs in cydia and want to use them, and I’ve selected it in Settings/Wallpaper…am i doing something wrong?